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I am not really a non-sport collector, chase the very occasional Captain America sketch if I like the art.

However, for those growing up in the late 80's and early 90's, spending every available cent on cards or street fighter arcade games was the norm right?

I still have street fighter on the Switch and love a good hadoken!
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So, CARDSMITHS (released the currency sets), in combination with Capcom, released a Street Fighter set.

Quite pricey at $25+ per packet (box has two sealed packets of 5 cards each) and becoming hard to get. The stock and quality as well as the artwork are phenomenal.

Base set of 52 with another 19 cards in various subsets including Versus and Stages.

Base parallel at 1:1 with Hyper wave Parallel at 1:3, numbered gem refractors at 1:36 (includes a /99 Emerald, /49 Amethyst, /25 Ruby, /10 Gold, /5 Emerald and /1 Onyx), Meta Refractor at 1:64 packets and Culture Shokz at 1:96.

The attached are pictures off my phone as the scanner is being a prick, they don't do the cards justice.

So far from 8 packets (4 boxes), my son and I have managed a Meta Refractor (1:32 boxes / 64 packets) and a Ruby Referactor (1:18 boxes / 36 packets) numbered 10/25.

Great set, can't wait to get more.
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