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Oct 13, 2005
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As per this post directly from the man himself......he told us what he thought of collectors here:

Hello All Collectors:

It is Steve Wang from Card Zone. The 2014 AFL Select AFL series 2 will be released in mid July 2014. Even though I hardly read the post from forum, as AFL Series 2 flyers have just been sent out, I would imagine the usual relentless bashing of select will start again, I had a look at the forum today.

Good to see the collectors speak out their opinions. But after the reading of the post, I feel that some of the comments are really childish and self centred.

I am over 50 years old and has been very independent for the whole life and I am my own boss. I speak out when I want to, do what I believe is right. I have to declare this to save your time of guessing as I am pretty sure that you would assume Select ask me to do so. Simply put: it is not!

I have no intention to argue with anybody, nor do I have to say something just because I have been carrying Select AFL cards. As a dealer carrying AFL cards for more than 20 years, After reading those comments, I feel compelled to speak out what I think.

I know that whatever I said here might bring out further abuse, well, that is how it is. I will not reply to any comments on the forum, but I can be contacted by email. If the following comments hurt somebody's self esteem, please remember, you are a man, not a little girl needs a cuddle every morning. Tough up!

My point is as follows:

1. AFL Trading Cards Series is based on the collectors market in general and the company's own schedule as well as plan. Whatever is released, it is not based on individual preference. Card collecting is only a hobby. If you like the series, collect them; If you don't like them, please don't waste your money. It is your choice to collect or not collect. Please don't think you are doing a company's favour--be aware that you are just one of the collector. Select didn't start their business in 1993 based on your personal preference, it doesn't do it now, and it is very unlikely they will base on personal preference in the future. So let's adjust ourselves guys!!

2. Different collectors have different judgment. What you don't like does not mean the majority collectors don't like. Please don't arrogantly talks like you represent the whole market. In the end, the future collectability will speak out itself.

3. When you see a series that does not appeal you, calm down gentleman!! The way you are talking on the forum is abusing and showing the low standard of you as a person. Bring out substantial and constructive suggestion, not just dig deep for what has been down before. One tree can't form a forest, bring out one or 2 special cards does not form one card series. AFL cards is not just for fun, it is also for collecting; It is not only for you today, it is also for the collectors of future. Please don't put one person above a group, please don't put one group above the society-- same as AFL footballers should never think they are above the clubs!

4. A good collectable series often takes time to be appreciated. If you can't appreciate it now, please hold yourself back a bit, and let the time and market to prove it. Please don't try to act as if you and only you were the market.

5. 2014 AFL Honours features AFL Brownlow Medalists of the past and present. This series WILL BE POPULAR among collectors regardless what you think.
If you don't like the series, please do you and also do the other people's favor-- save the money for your family's need such as gas bill, car reg etc and in the meantime, leave the limited stock of AFL Honours series to collectors who will appreciate the series. This is a win win solution.

A complete collection of all the brownlow medalists in the past will prove to be a collectable series that future collectors will treasure deeply. Select has planned this series for a while and proudly release it in the coming 2 years. If you can't enjoy it, please don't purchase it.

6. Since JHL send out the order form, most of the phone calls are requesting for more products than allocated. The fact is:2014 AFL Honours will be strictly allocated within the existing dealers. Even though the production is 9600 boxes x 36 packs, this series will be in high demand and sold out on the condition that those collectors who don't like the series do not purchase them.

7. Select Australia has been producing AFL cards and NRL card for more than 20 years. Looking back, Select has produced numerous popular and creative subsets. Select can do it before, Select is able to do it now, and Select will be able to do it again in the future. So, please don't worry too much on behalf of Select. I am carrying Select products, and I have no hesitation to back up this company. If I don't sincerely believe it, I won't spend large sum money on their product.

8. If Select has not done something you preferred, please don't be angry. If a company is subject to individual demand, I would think that their product won't be too much collectable as a narrow-mined suggestion will ruin the industry; If the company rely on general public to provide the brainchild, this company will be dangerous as it shows the company is not competitive enough to hold its own stand.

9. Collecting cards is for enjoyment. Some of the posts here make me wonder: is this the end of the world?? Life is too short, don't cry if the series is not according to your will.

Finally, my post here will surely get a angry storm toward me from some of you. But I can assure you all that: I won't be upset to any of your comments at all as I am too busy with serving collectors order. and also I never take it personal regardless what you said. The reason I put a post here is because some of the comments here are getting too far of the mark and too low in the standard which surprised me a lot. it is a shame to the collectors group. And for far too long, the negative prevails the scene here and it is INSANE.

Steve Wang

Card Zone

(03) 9326 9588


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Oct 13, 2005
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Was that 4 years ago. Dam time flies.

Blink and it will be 2020!

In short, Wang appears to be a smart business man......his influence with Select is waning, so he has linked up with TLA to help fund this next NRL Glory release. Win win for both of them.

Cashflow in this industry is king, so if you can get someone (Wang) to cover a fair chunk of the production costs up front (which Wang has) and TLA not having to wait until after the product is released to start recouping your cash (only giving up distribution to Wang - which is a pain anyway and he can do it through Card Zone's distribution arm JHL) then TLA would be crazy not to do it.

I'm sure if someone else went to TLA and said hey guys here's 100K I want the product to look like this......and i'm distributing it, they would jump at that chance.

All in all its a business, with collectors somewhere down the food chain.

But good luck to him, he will control who the stock goes to, no one will be able to dump product and it will probably retain a bit of value.....

The only risk for him is having the mindset that the industry is the same as it was between 2008 - 2012.......its not and we will see how this all pans out.


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Sep 18, 2008
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Reading that Wang post makes me angry all over again lol. Did himself absolutely no favours with any of that. Smart business man but typing that was not a smart move.
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