Bradman card issues 1928-1970 A collectors guide book



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Mar 9, 2020
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Hey all,

Does anyone own this book by Jodi Bridges? I have been searching online to buy a copy but for the life of me, cannot find any info on it. If anyone has a copy, would be great to get a quick review to see if it is worth buying.




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Nov 4, 2013
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I have a copy of the book (#7/250) and helped Jodi in the finals months of the its production, which ran to 250 copies only and which she fully self produced & funded. This included introducing her to the owner of the largest private pre 1980's Cricket & VFL card collection in Australia, which I curate on behalf of the owner. She was able to source many of the images of the rarest Bradman cards/postcards and other items she hadn't yet sighted or obtained for the book, from this collection.

Her book is a great reference source for Bradman cards, but I'm sure even she would admit now it also helped flush out some others that weren't included in it originally and she has plans to do another version in the future.

If anyone has a query on any of the Bradman cards or any other pre 1980's cricket cards I can probably help - I have developed an image database with >35,000 digital images (Fronts & versos where applicable) of almost every cricket card ever issued from the rarest 1897 Tally Ho's & other 19th Century Australian and English cards right through to the Scanlens & Sunicrust cards of the 1970's & 80's. Beyond the 1980's when the decks got too large (Futera, Select etc) I have relegated the collection to shoe boxes and haven't tried to keep up as its hard enough finding the pre 1980's stuff that I am missing.