Completed BeauZo and Matt Holodny

Matt Holodny

granmamas house
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Matt Holodny gets:

Klay Thompson - Scorer's Inc.
Ruby Wave Prizm - Ibaka, Ginobili
Kyle Lowery Hoops Artist Proof
Paul Pierce Hoops Silver
LeBron Road to the Finals
Russell Westbrook Brilliance Spellbound
Rodney Hood Red and Yellow Prizm
Dominique Wilkins Blue and Green Prizm
Devin Booker Prizm RC
Hoops Birds Eye View - Lillard, Westbrook, Rose, Wiggins
Lillard Hoops Road to the Finals...
Anthony Davis Hoops Courtside
Jimmy Butler Hoops Rookie Card
Devin Booker Hoops RC
Aaron Gordon Hoops Dreams

BeauZo gets $$$$$

Agreed mate..?
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