Any base card for a bunch of modern players (buy or trade)


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Hi guys, I'm chasing a base card for each of the players listed below. Hoping someone might be able to help me knock off a large portion of them 🤞

Set and year doesn't matter, though I do prefer Select over Teamcoach. For some players I've got a preferred team noted too, but I'll also take anything! I expect some of these players may have never had a card released also...

Can offer $ or trade, though the only thing I can offer in trade is a bunch of base Select Prestige 2020 cards. Other than buying that Prestige set to reduce what was originally a longer wanted list, I've avoided ebay to complete the rest, seems $1/card is the cheapest there for single commons, which is much more than I want to pay for this volume of cards, particularly when some complete sets go for $20 or less.

Aaron Cadman
Alex Davies
Alex Johnson
Alex Rance
Alex Silvagni
Anthony Morabito
Bailey Dale
Bailey Williams (Dogs)
Bailey Williams (WCE)
Brad Close
Brayden Maynard
Brent Reilly
Brodie Kemp
Cameron Ellis-Yolmen (pref Crows)
Campbell Chesser
Chayce Jones
Chris Mayne (pref Pies)
Ciaran Byrne
Connor Downie
Corey Ellis
Daniel Gorringe
Daniel Wells (pref Roos)
David Swallow (pref Roos)
Dawson Simpson
Dylan Moore
Dylan Stephens
Errol Gulden
Grant Birchall (pref Hawks)
Hunter Clark
Jack Hannath
Jack Hombsch
Jack Lonie
Jack Steele (pref GWS)
Jackson Mead
Jackson Thurlow (pref Cats)
James Peatling
Jhye Clark
Jimmy Webster
Joe Atley
Jonathon O’Rourke
Jordan Murdoch
Josh Caddy
Josh Fahey
Josh Goater
Josh Ward
Jye Caldwell
Lachie Cowan
Lachlan McAndrew
Liam Stocker
Mark Blicavs
Mark Nicoski
Mark Pittonet (pref Hawks)
Marley Williams
Martin Gleeson
Mason Redman
Matt Dea
Matthew Buntine
Matthew Leuenberger (pref Lions)
Matthew Suckling
Matthew Wright
Maverick Weller
Michael Johnson
Mitch Clisby
Nicholas Coffield
Reef McInnes
Rohan Bewick
Ryan Griffin (pref Dogs)
Ryan Harwood
Sam Naismith
Shaun McKernan
Tom De Koning
Tom Hickey
Tom Williamson
Zac Smith (pref GC)
Zachary Bailey
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