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Hi Guys,
Ive been collecting for a while but new to this site.
Im building my collection slowly but always looking for those hard to get pieces. If any one knows who to speak to regarding limited issue & Signature Adelaide crows cards & can point me in the right direction, that would be great.
I understand that probably some of what i still need probably wont ever be available but i may as well keep looking. some of the cards i am after still.

Roo, Bucks, & Goodes Brownlow triple sig
Andy Mcleod Sig moments
Scanlens Retro card Wayne Carey & roo & errors
Tony modra Cazaly classics wild sig
Futera cards- jarman & mods
All crow sig tazos except- 07 roo, I know super rare but may as well try.
Mcleod & Mods Jumbo
Probably heaps of other signature cards I have missed??

I also have a few cards? I have a selection of 2017 Future Force Green Sigs I could let go
Andrew Brayshaw Green No. 3 & 4
Lachlan Murphy Green 3 & 4
Jarrod Brander Green No.2
Sam Hayes Green No. 2 & matching Red Parralel No. 2
A Max Gawn Platinum Brownlow predictor 44/50
A heap of Wild Gold Brownlow predictors & 1 Platinum.

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