6 boxes of Infinity War, 3 SW Archives and more Arrow


Great Southern Land
Real Name
Broke some stuff last weekend and forgot to post it here. Didn't seem to be doing great with Infinity War, but looking at other breaks I probably did pretty well. Happy to snag the Olsen, she was near the top of my list. Cards are all pretty nice, though the manufactured stuff is a bit much when some boxes only deliver 2 of those. Iron Man Sketch is by Johnathon Ruple. Also went some more Star Wars Archives, happy to add another Mayhew to the PC and hope to move the low count /2 dual auto. Pity the Herring wasn't a Ridley! More Arrow 4 netted me dupe auto's but they're good ones to sell and I've already traded the Emily away, relics were all needed though.

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