2X Hobby of 23/24 OPC and 1X 22/23 SPA.


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Got these today and opened them.

Massive troll job with Bedard. Every Blackhawks rookie including some colour - except him( edit: so I thought).

All up did pretty well. The Knies /49 was excellent and the wood Makar might be ok. Not sure how rare that is. The cherry wood goes for a bit. Fun break is OPC.

SPA was ok, half decent FWA.

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SPA. Can't complain. Seen some horrendous boxes of this get opened. At least it had a legit FWA /999 and he's probably a top 15 FWA out of 100. So not too bad. Also nice to get a non-auto FWA /999.

The inserts are absolute shite and I'm shattered that they've gone that route in the last few years.. This product was awesome when it had 1 Update Young Guns in it and no non-auto FW parallels and other crappy inserts like Pageantry and Top SP rookies. Probably got slightly less than half the cost of the box back thanks to the Maccelli FWA /999. Wou;d've been brutal with a low end FWA.

Would love to do this all over again but finances won't allow it.

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Have to have one valid whinge about OPC. This is supposedly a set builders set. There's a 180 cards in a box of which roughly 130 are base and the rest inserts/retros/parallels. I have 119 base dupes from two boxes and have only 130 of the 600 card set.

That has to be the worst collation I have ever encountered. Basically the base cards of the two boxes were identical save for 11 of them. Unreal.
How much are the OPC boxes? I saw them for $99 preorder at Cherry but it wouldn't let me add to cart. Would have been a fun Bedard chase. Nect minute they're $199 😡
That's weird. Surprised you couldn't get them at Cherry. I ordered them Sunday of last week along with the box of SPA and they arrived today. I probably should've gotten 4 OPC boxes. They are decent value - which is too say you get some money back. Pretty much every other product is a wipe-out these days.

Mind you by the time you spend $400 on OPC wax you can probably buy a half decent Bedard rookie. His YG will settle for 500-800AUD imo.
Oh. That's rough!!!. I just checked and they are $199. Easy pass at that price. They really pull some shitty moves over there. If anyone buys S2 from them for $400 they are crazy imo.

I wonder if they even know what they are doing. The had 23-24 SPA presell at just over $325 which is unbelievably cheap. If I had the money I would've bought it all. It was up for at least a week.
Postage is a bitch but you can get OPC at $95 CAD in Canada which is about $105 in our money. Would still be cheaper even with the BS postage costs. If you're like Lou and you know how to use SMC you can probably get it sent over fair bit cheaper.

Bummed I didn't get 4 of them. It's not worth $200 imo

If I were you I'd buy S2 when it comes on e-pack. It will sell at about $160USD per box is my guess which is a lot cheaper than Cherry at $400AUD
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Picked up a box of OPC from Diggaz for $125. Got every other top rookie except for Bedard. It was a Cooley box. Also gota bounty redemption not pictured . Absolutely got trolled with the rainbow foil marquee rookie First thing I saw was the logo, then when the heart started pumping.. the bloody print line..
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