Baseball 2023 Bowman Draft Jumbo Box


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New Years day joined my first and only Fanatics break. They were trying to sell out a case break of 23 Definitive baseball for the next 10 teams purchased were running a giveaway of a Bowman Jumbo box. 1 in 10 shot why not. Took one of the lower teams left in Blue Jays for $80usd and walked away with the Jumbo which was sent to SMC. As Fanatics breaks only ship to US. Next came the crapshoot of trying to get a SMC shipment home past customs as my last shipment in December was such a pain to get released. I'm sure there's a post out there on issues with FedEx and ABP.
From the Definitive break I hit these two game worn jersey cards.
Spring training coming around and really felt like this box had the Tom Brady inscribed auto. Box Break results to follow..


Colour and Autos.
Just a year too late. Hit the top 2 draft picks just a hobby season too late. Sky Blue Holliday and oh I wish the Druw was on card. Still happy with this haul. Might have a different opinion if I had to fork out $800.
The Bowman Glass insert is a nice take on the mosaic or stained glass from Panini. They're not as rare as I first thought. I might go for the base set.

Indeed. Three hitters is not the norm.

All up a decent box. But it's really difficult to get a win given how expensive the box is at release. Getting one for free however....

The Jones sticker is not cool. Not sure I've seen that before on a non-insert Bowman Chrome prospect card. It's still a potentially valuable card if he lives up to expectations. I like the Shaw myself. Cubs look to be building and he looks a decent prospect.

I admire that folks on here can 'game' the system by using SMC. Every time I look into it I put it into the too hard basket as I'm trying to wind things down not dial them up. I wonder if the Home Run Challenge cards would work using the SMC address? Topps doesn't send them to Oz.

All in all well done. Hopefully Fanatics will think of us here in Oz when they fully take over. An e-pack style site would be great.
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