2014 World Cup Prizm Box Recap

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Jan 27, 2008
Ocean Grove, Victoria
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Cheers to @cherrycollectables for the box.


Diego Forlan/Landon Donovan Matchupss
Luka Modric/Xavi Matchups
Bastian Schweinteiger/Nani Matchups
Thiago Silva Cup Captains
Boubacar Barry Guardian
Mario Balotelli Aerial Assault
Javier Hernandez Net Finders
Karim Benzema Net Finders
Landon Donovan Net Finders
Iran Nation
Cote D'Ivoire Nation
Russia Nation
Gonzalo Higuain Prizm Refractor
Yaya Toure Prizm Refractor
Noel Valladares Prizm Refractor
Edison Cavani Red, White and Blue Power Plaid
Sao Paulo Host City
Pele World Cup Stars

Numbered Inserts:

Nederlands Purple Prizm 25/99
Arturo Vidal Red Prizm 113/149

And this beauty: