For Sale/For Trade 2010-2020 nrl inserts


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Hi all I have the following cards for sale/trade only cards that have a price are for sale. Cards that have prices can also be traded.

Please add $3 for regular post $7 for registered

2020 best and less gold:
Josh Jackson

2020 traders:
Yellow startoon:
Taumalolo #85/150
Green toon:
Clear toon: 5/18

club hero:
Mitchell Moses

street art:
Taupau, Ferguson

magic round parallel:
Jake Trbojevic

Murray, Cronk, Taumalolo

rep stars:
Hughes, Gagai, Roberts, Johnston, lenarduzzi, sergis, Munster, Klemmer, Cotric, Wighton and Jake Trbojevic

2019 elite
Captains: $6
Mitchell Pearce


Spotlight: $3 each
Elliot Whitehead
Matt Gillett
Lesson Ah Mau

WNRL: $2 each
Rota, apps

Dally m: $1 each
Both tuivasa shecks

Speed machines: $1 each
waqa Blake, Fergo, Jennings, maumalo, Watson, Lee, Montoya, Tupou

2019 magic round team sets: 2 for $10
Cowboys, roosters, rabbits, raiders, warriors, panthers, manly

Also have a Robbie Farrah error misprint magic round card (offers?)

2019 traders:
Blue $3 each: Addo-Carr, cleary
Green $2 each: fifita x2, group A, rapana, Faitala-mariner
Clear $2 each: gutho, faitala mariner, Addo-Carr

Club hero $1 each:
Holmes, guler, Alvaro

State of origin $1 each:
Prior, game 1 victory, cooper, Munster, Crichtonx2, chambers, Vaughan, Hess, Hunt, Wallace, Mitchell

Season to remember $1 each:
Thompson, Gutherson, leilua, Lawrence, Cronk, Martin, Kenny-Dowell, cherry-Evans, Trbojevic, brown, Leilua, Lewis, Addo-Carr,

Faces of the game
Sua, haas, Kaufusi, Mahoney, niukore, faamausili, tuponiua, Collins, Sami, Fotuaika, Asiata, Clifford, Katoa, Flanagan, Smith, Croft, Hughes, Lewis, Martin, Smith, Murchie, abbey, knight, garner, twal, tatola, Sorenson, pereira, croker, Graham

2018 glory:
Immortals photo: messenger #283/420 $15

Pioneer sketch:
Prigg, weissel, Beaton $4 each

Chrome charter class: $2.50 each
5,11, 14,18,24,26,28,35,45

2018 elite:
LS: Granville #51/90 $25

Captains: $7 each
Lawrence, Mannah/Scott x2, cordner/friend

Dally m: $2 each
Vunivalu, Clifford

M&A: $1 each
Fitzgibbon, Holmes, Montoya

Sharp shooter: $1 each
Lolohea, Moses, Ponga, croker, Taukeiaho, Mbye, Feldt, green

2018 traders:
kangaroos: $7
Wade graham

Show card exclusive: $7

Green $2 each: Lawrence, Mitchell, Munster, Jackson
Clear $2 each: Jackson, group B, graham
Blue $3 each: hess, Reynolds, Jackson
Yellow $5: Group A

SOO: $1 each
Morgan, Smith, chambers, Thurston, Napa, Guerra, cordner

STR: $1 each
croker, Montoya, Jackson, Mbye, graham, segeyaro, Gallen, Taylor, mata’utia, Barnett, Vunivalu, slater

Club heroes: $2 each
Jackson, Yeo, cordner, smith, Scott


2017 elite:
Elite impact $1.50 each: Norman, Pritchard, hodkinson, Koroisau, cherry-Evans, Trbojevic, Johnston, McIlwrick

Crystal collection: $3
JT 2007

Captain: James graham $7

All star box card: cooper $5

2017 traders:
Playmaker $7: sezer

Startoons $4 each: mannah, group b

Club hero $2 each: Taumalolo, Trbojevic, Bowen
STR $1 each: bukuya, Kenny-Dowell, Aubusson, Thurston, Morris, taufua, croker, Finucane

POTP $1 each:barba, Nofoaluma, Trbojevic, Mansour, kata, rapana, Trbojevic, Lyon


2016 elite:
Run and gun $3 each: hannant and Kostjasyn, rapana and lee, moa and taukeiako

Engine room $2 each: sue

2016 traders:
Cyber heroes: $7 each
Album Gagai
Normal Cronk

Club hero: $2 each
Parker, Wighton, Soliola, Granville, Tolman, tede, Gidley

Potp: $1 each
Tede, Gordon, croker, Vunivalu, Koroibete

Heaps of fotg, just ask

2015 traders:
Galactic heroes: $7 each
Album Bromwich
Maloney, Richards


Chart toppers

Magic moments
Hodkinson, Smith, Gidley and bulldogs

Potp: Ennis, roger

Academic toty:
Hoffman, Finucane, Perrett

Heaps of FOTG just ask

2014 elite:
MaA: moimoi

PaP: Uate, warea Hargreaves, Stewart, Lyon

2014 traders:
$1 each -
Milestones: Farah, Watmough, buderus, Pritchard
Heritage round:
Sharks, raiders
Chart toppers: Fifita and tries

Magic moments $1 each: bulldogs, roosters

RTS $2 each: Ryan, Feldt, Winterstein, Wighton, Uate, Williams, waqa

Galactic stars: $7 each
Album Lyon
Normal Farah and Mullen

2013 elite:
Australian representatives: $4 each
Inglis, Thurston, slater, gallen

Triple threat: $2 each
Thurston, Bowen, Scott, Gidley, Smith, Gordon, Robinson, Fensom, woods, slater, smith,

2013 traders:
Retirements: Lowe
2012 champions:
Showtime holochrome: cowboys
Try machine: lyon
Rookie standouts: loko

2010 champions:
Quinn impact

I will also trade for cards on my want list, it is attached below.
Paul, I need the following if you have them
2018 traders
season to r.-12, 17, 26, 27, 33, 34, 36, 37, 41.
blue --1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18.
green-5, 14.
yellow-the group A card.
club heroes-15, 19, 28.

2018 elite
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