2006 SELECT AFL SUPREME - Case Break


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The wife and kids surprised me on Xmas day and bought myself a case of 2006 Supreme. I've been busting a couple of boxes over the last few days, results are below. Weird box collation in some instances

Case Card - Gavin Wanganeen #005

Box 1 - Clark DPS and Higgins DPS...two draft pick signatures in the first box. I thought wow this is a good start

Box 2 - Daniel Kerr Brownlow Predictor and Medal Cards Judd Norm Smith and Cousins Brownlow. So two medal cards and no DPS this box

Box 3 - Marc Murphy DPS, Paul Hasleby BP and.....Adam Goodes BP 😁👍🏅

Box 4 - Cousins Brownlow Medal, Scott West BP and Xavier Ellis DPS

Box 5 - Josh Kennedy DPS, Gehrig Coleman Medal and Scott Pendlebury DPS :kick:. Another box with 2 x DPS

Box 6 - Scott West Best of the West Redemption (already have one of these) :(, Judd Norm Smith and 1962 Essendon Premiership Commemorative. So no DPS in another box

Box 7 - Fraser Gehrig Coleman, Geelong 1937 PC and Marcus Drum DPS

Box 8 - Jarrod Oakley-Nichols DPS, Josh Carr BP and Judd Norm Smith. A reminder of Richmond's past poor drafting :lol:

Box 9 - Cousins MVP, Deledio Rising Star and Brownlow Predictor Wild / Replacement Card/ Another box with no DPS

Box 10 - Jarrod Oakley-Nichols DPS, Fitzroy 1922 PC and Gehrig Coleman Medal

Box 11 - Cousins Brownlow, Pavlich BP, Richmond 1967 PC and Ryder DPS

Box 12 - Hawthorn 1978 PC, Beau Dowler DPS and Deledio Medal

So in summary, pulled the following

Scott West Redemption...which I will put up for trade / sale post redeeming
11 x DPSs (picks 1 and 3 to11 with 2 x pick 8)
7 x BPs...very happy one of them was Adam Goodes
5 x PCs
1 x complete medal set
1 x complete AA set

Always a heap of fun busting one of the older releases, and clearly the family knew this is one of my favourite releases (if not favourite)

Look out for my trade / sale thread over the coming days, as some of these cards may appear on this thread.
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