1995-96 Card Crazy Authentic (NZ cards)

I Second Scotty

Plus, why anyone would invest that much in a set they could never ever really sell again is beyond me. Sometimes super rare falls into the realms of just plain obscure. Especially given the release was pretty crappy in the first place (albeit with some good names on the legends cards)

I own several of these, but as a novelty more than anything else
Sure that's your point of view and I can respect that, but there are others out there that would disagree with your philosophy.
Not everyone is out for a short term gain, and others just like myself love to complete hard to find sets. I can tell you now it's cost me this much and then some to complete sets like this.
Besides I'm just testing the waters , but I personally don't think it's a crappy set , well maybe the Explosives are crap but hey someone else may like them so each to their own
I wish a few you know it all guys were around when i first started collecting………..I would have saved thousands.
Sorry keyboard playing up…….I meant to say I wish a few of you guys were around when i first started collecting i would have saved thousands
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