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  1. Billyhoyle

    2019 Season Awards Predicitions

    Thoughts Premier - Runner Up - Wooden Spoon - Top 8 - Brownlow - Rising Star - Coleman -
  2. Billyhoyle

    2019 Team Predicitions

    What are your predictions for your team in season 2019?
  3. Billyhoyle

    10 packs of 2019 Footy Stars

    Being an addict grabbed some at the pertrol station! Busted the odds! Silver Die Cut - 9 (5:6) Instant Impact - Andrew Brayshaw (1:3) Starbursts Team - 4 (Hutchings, Cripps, Bonner, Heeney) (1:4) Strike Force - Josh Jenkins (1:6) Milestones - Mathew Wright and Sam Day (1:9) Starburst Tie Dye -...
  4. Billyhoyle

    A golden spyda!

  5. Billyhoyle

    Some sick camby's so I saw the doctor

    Emerald /300 and skybox auto redemption Hoops red back and Mexican bread stand up Target exclusive red prizm auto Topps high topps and to give an idea of zie
  6. Billyhoyle

    Win a box of 2019 footy stars

  7. Billyhoyle

    Joe Ingles has been everywhere on the road to NBA success.

  8. Billyhoyle

    Mitch Creek signs a 10 day contract with Brooklyn

    and got game time too! View:
  9. Billyhoyle

    Full Camby Wantlist

    Last updated 24/1/19 1996 Collector's Edge Gold #7 Marcus Camby 1996 Collector's Edge Ice Sculpture #7 Marcus Camby 1996 Collector's Edge Key Kraze Gold #4 Marcus CambySER 1000 1996 Collector's Edge Radical Recruits Factory Set #4 Marcus Camby 1996 Pacific Power Platinum #7 Marcus...
  10. Billyhoyle

    Big Trade post

    Mainly chasing Lebron, Jordan, Kobe or Durant
  11. Billyhoyle

    Weird LeBron auto - anyone know anything?

    Just noticed this. Notice Incorrectly listed by psa too. There is no certification on the back as normal. Another on ebay I have a blue version Which has the certification as shown here...
  12. Billyhoyle

    It’s time clubs decided on trades

    Fully agree with this article and something I've never understood with the afl
  13. Billyhoyle

    Durant and Kobe FT

    Looking for Jordan and lebron
  14. Billyhoyle

    New Nbl team.

    Thoughts? View:
  15. Billyhoyle

    FT - Victor Oladipo National Treasures RPA /99 BGS 9.5/10

    Mainly after Lebron and Jordan but will look at others
  16. Billyhoyle

    Mixed mailday

    Thanks @Glennmc and @West Oz Cards Monsterbreaks
  17. Billyhoyle

    Panini White Box - WTF!!!!

    WOW! Personally - This is just a product dump. All the spare prints that they'll never use. We'll use them for these redemptions the s*** athletes are never giving us back, put a weird stamp on them and tell the collectors they are 1/1
  18. Billyhoyle

    No ffa cards next year
  19. Billyhoyle


    - Winner: - Margin: - Norm Smith: - First Goal Kicker: - Most goals :
  20. Billyhoyle

    Slater tribunal visit

  21. Billyhoyle

    Jimmy Stynes presenting Max Gawn with his first jumper

    hard not to be a bit emotional at this! View:
  22. Billyhoyle

    Small Mailday

    small mymallbox delivery
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