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    Mostly Bulldogs want list (Also after error cards)

    Sure if we can work something out. Always happy to trade. Send me a PM with ones you have and which ones you are chasing
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    Mostly Bulldogs want list (Also after error cards)

    Yes mate I am still collecting dogs cards you got any available?
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    PNG maggi cards

    From 2006 I think. Poster that goes with the set
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    SOLD/TRADED 2020 priority Street arts

    Hey mate will take the morris street art if still available please
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    Completed Richard and tak35bne

    @tak35bne gets $ richard gets brandon smith sapphire agree
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    For Sale 2018, 2019 & 2021 NRL Elite - Cards for Sale/Trade

    Sold on sapphire Storm - Brandon Smith #23/23 - $40 if still available please
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    What would these be worth

    Def two diff sets, but there is a 3rd as these are pre expansion sets. In 95 or 96 they did all 20 teams with reds crushers cowboys and warriors too
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    What would these be worth

    Sent you a pm mate
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    Hey mate can I please grab these two if available MOJO SAPPHIRE /23 STORM SMITH 07 $40 RUBY MOJO / 46 BULLDOGS COTRIC $10
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    For Trade 2020 elite mojos news cards added

    Bumping up with lots added. Still keen to trade
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    2020 NRL Annual?

    Pretty sure there was 3. They did a round 2 one too
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    Hurstville Collector,s Fair

    What time does it start?
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    For Trade 2020 elite mojos news cards added

    Bump new cards added and removed. Still looking to trade
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    Completed Richard and lebasl

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    Completed Richard and lebasl

    @lebasl Gets parra ruby mojo Richard gets souths ruby mojo
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    Price Check - The Canterbury Breed Full Set 2017

    There is actually 21 cards to the set but they aren’t numbered. One is a group card for memberships different back, and the other is a header ace card (was part of the moses mbye magic card) There is also the gold set as mentioned and then the same for the following year as mentioned by Ross...
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    For Trade 2020 elite mojos news cards added

    For trade only! Please Send me a PM with what you have to trade (even if I don’t have anything you want I had a few card offered that I don’t need as trade so fair chance we will be able to get it via 3 way trade) so let me know what you have. Cards I am looking to trade for: 2020 Emeralds...
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    Completed Manly & Richard

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