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  1. SharpysSports

    NRL Checklists (almost done)

    Hi all, I know this is probably a long shot, but does anyone know of or have a copy of all the NRL checklists in excel format? I have a little (well it's actually pretty massive) project going and am at the stage of including all NRL checklists. It will be something I would be happy to share...
  2. SharpysSports

    Post your eBay or COMC bargains here!

    Pretty happy with this Impeccable lot which includes the 1/1. Picked it up for $200 which is a bargain for PG as he is deep in the playoffs. Sorry for the poor pic, it's from eBay.
  3. SharpysSports

    What are you working on in terms of your collection at the moment?

    I'm still working on picking up as many different Paul George cards I can! Over the past year I've picked up more higher quality cards which as left a lot of low end base and inserts still to get. I need to do a count of what I've got and what I need.
  4. SharpysSports

    PSA Parent Co. bought out for $930m

    I think having someone who is in the hobby owning a company like this is amazing! Just look at what has happened to Beckett. Not that I’ve done a whole heap of research on it but I’m pretty sure they’re owned by a bunch of investors as opposed to a collector and their site is ancient. Nat is...
  5. SharpysSports

    1st Off the Line - Noir Edition $3k per box

    It’s absolutely crazy now. $30k USD is over $50k AUD. That’s a house deposit...
  6. SharpysSports

    2016-17 Mosaic

    As far as design goes, this is my favourite year of Prizm closely followed by 2017-18 then this years version. I'd be the same as you. I couldn't hold off busting it open. Some nice rookies in there!
  7. SharpysSports

    1st Off the Line - Noir Edition $3k per box

    Similar but not the same. Panini is releasing the "1st off the line" edition which has a special card in it. Not sure if it is worth the extra cash though...
  8. SharpysSports

    1st Off the Line - Noir Edition $3k per box

    So Panini has just released its latest Dutch Auction. This time it's 2019-20 Noir with a starting price of $3,000 USD! That's $375USD (or approx. $580 AUD) per card. With all the hype around the hobby, I'm predicting that these will all sell out at the $3k asking price or the price might drop...
  9. SharpysSports

    2019-20 prizm retail box - why are they so f-ing expensive???

    At least you hit a Zion (or two!). I just busted a box of Select Hybrid ($800 cost) and the best card was either a Tyler Herro Base Prizm or a Steph Curry Disco Prizm base. I'd be lucky to get $100 back if I were able to sell ALL of the cards. Assuming Zion stays healthy, your Zion's are only...
  10. SharpysSports

    Bought from a potential ebay scammer. What can I do?

    I've done the same in the past. Bought a Michael Jordan Patch numbered to 10 for $78USD. I held out hope that it was a genuine sale (although I knew deep down it was too good to be true) and waited 10-12 days for the card to arrive. I think eBay made contact with me and refunded me the money...
  11. SharpysSports

    SOLD/TRADED ***SOLD GUYS*** MJ Cards - Bundle Deal - Make an offer - Anyone Interested?

    Wow. I wish I had some more cash on hand to make an offer on the lot. I might be keen on one or two individually if you can't move them as a lot. Good luck with the sale!
  12. SharpysSports

    Does anyone know a Website/App Developer?

    Thanks guys. Since I posted this yesterday I've had a chat to the boss and things have been put on hold. Will keep you both in mind if and when things kick off again!
  13. SharpysSports

    Does anyone know a Website/App Developer?

    Hi all, I'm looking to put together a website and app and need a website/app developer. It will be a fairly complex build so will need someone with experience in putting something like this together. Please send me a PM if you are a developer or know someone who is. Thanks!
  14. SharpysSports

    The State of the Hobby....

    I just hope that when these investors leave that they don’t stash cards away never to be seen again...
  15. SharpysSports

    In Progress TheCardMan and Sharpyssports

    TheCardMan gets Jayson Tatum Select Silver Rookie cards x 2 Sharpyssports gets PayPal. TheCardMan reserves the right to view the cards in hand and if there are any issues with the condition, Sharpyssports agrees to provide a full refund. Agree?
  16. SharpysSports

    SOLD/TRADED Jayson Tatum Rookie Silver x 2

    Selling both my Tatum Rookie Silver Select’s as I need some quick PayPa Looking for $180AUD for both if purchased and payment made today. They’re selling for over $100USD each on eBay so plenty of cash to be made.
  17. SharpysSports

    The State of the Hobby....

    Not that Paul George had the hype that Zion does, but I know when PG broke his leg his card prices came crashing right down... I was picking up autos for around $10. It was actually a turning point for me as I had made the decision to sell my PG collection a few days before his injury. His...
  18. SharpysSports

    The State of the Hobby....

    I completely understand the whole supply and demand model and it is easy to see during this current run of back to back MASSIVE draft classes. What happens next year when the Zion rookie hype is over and these 'investors' leave as they're not getting their ROI or they don't have someone to...
  19. SharpysSports

    The State of the Hobby....

    Just wanting to get an idea on what people thing the state of the hobby is. Reason I ask, I have had two of my best mates contact me over the past 24 hours wanting to get into trading cards as an investment. I'd say they would be motivated by the Gary V videos on Facebook... I can see the...
  20. SharpysSports

    For Sale/For Trade Sales/For Trade list.

    Any Paul George or Terrence Ross?
  21. SharpysSports

    RJ Barrett Mailday

    Sweet card! I hope he turns into an All Star talent. I've always liked the way he plays!!
  22. SharpysSports

    Ja Mailday

    Amazing card!
  23. SharpysSports


    It was a massive win for them and they’ve been plying well lately. Dame has taken the team on his back and earned the win himself. I can’t see them getting too far in the playoffs this year. Teams will figure out how to guard Lillard and they’ll struggle. I gotta say though, after the...
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