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  1. pharoh

    Redemption Card Help

    HI All, I stuffed up. I sent a Maika Sivo patch redemption off to TLA yesterday, but I was in a hurry and didn't include my return address, nor did I write my return address on the bubble mailer (I know, I know). I did send it registered, which is something, I suppose. I sent an email off to...
  2. pharoh

    For Trade Gamechangers & West Tigers Sapphire to trade for Eels

    Hi All, Thanx for looking. Wanting to trade for Eels equivalents at the moment for the following: West Tigers Checklist Sapphire 2/23 Game Changer Cotric 23/45 Game Changer Coates 6/45
  3. pharoh

    For Trade 2021 Traders for Eels

    HI All, Thanx for looking. Just a couple of cards I am hoping to trade for Parra equivalents PM me if any interest. Cheers and Thanx, Bob
  4. pharoh

    Stargate Cards Needed

    Hi All, Thanx for looking. Hope someone might be able to help me fill a couple of holes in my Stargate collection, as below: Stargate Movie Dealer sell sheet Stargate SG1 Season 10 Women of Stargate: #W1 Amanda Tapping/Col. Carter Stargate Atlantis Season 1 Quotable: #Q1 Stargate Atlantis...
  5. pharoh

    Eels Ruby Mojo wanted

    Hi All, Thanx for looking. Chasing an Eels ruby checklist and Mahoney ruby if anyone has either spare. Have Flanagan ruby 10/40 to trade or happy to purchase. Cheers and Thanx, Bob
  6. pharoh

    For Trade Elite 2020 trade for Eels

    All, Thanx for looking. As the title say, hoping to trade the following for Eels equivalents Cheers and Thanx, Bob
  7. pharoh

    Meninga sig

    Hi All, Thanx for looking. Just wondering what you all think of this that I found sorting out some cards today. Cheers, Bob
  8. pharoh

    2005 Tradition Album

    Hi All, Thanx for looking. As the title says, I am after a 2005 Tradition Album and was wondering if anyone here may have one tucked away that they would be willing to part with. Cheers and Thanx, Bob
  9. pharoh

    SOLD/TRADED Sutton sig patch redemption

    Hi All, Thanx for looking. I have a Sutton sig patch redemption card available. number 13/40 currently unredeemed looking for $280 with registered post Cheers, Bob
  10. pharoh

    Parra Ruby mojo wanted

    Hi All, Thanx for looking chasing Parra Fergo Ruby Mojo if anyone can help. Cheers and Thanx, Bob
  11. pharoh

    For Sale/For Trade Klemmer LS and Croft sapphire

    Hi All, Thanx for looking A bit of Newso mojo today - 3 packets short of a full box and hit these looking to trade for Parra equivalents would be happy to add dollars to a trade for a Fergo black
  12. pharoh

    Higher end Parra cards wanted

    Hi All, Thanx for looking. I am hoping to fill some gaps in my collection and I am looking to buy those listed below. I have nothing significant to trade unfortunately, so have to spend the dollars 2015 Traders Legends Signed: Sterlo 2015 Elite Parra Mojo Set 2016 Traders SAS Authentic...
  13. pharoh

    In Progress pharoh and Frangles

    pharoh gets Tigers Power 2005 Predictor/Playmakers and Premiers set Frangles gets $$$ agreed
  14. pharoh

    Completed pharoh and DMC

    pharoh receives $$$ DMC receives Arthur Summons signed Legend 008/208 agreed
  15. pharoh

    For Trade Traders 2019 logo parallel added

    Hi All thanx for looking a bit of retail therapy today - 9 starters and 4-6 packs short of two boxes... wanting to trade for Parramatta equivalent State of Origin: 4, 12, 16, 23, 29, 30, 32 Club Hero: 9 (2), 22 (2), 26, 30 STR: 7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 16, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 27, 21, 34, 36, 38 FOTG...
  16. pharoh

    Completed pharoh and Joekiwi

    pharoh gets 2018 ruby: Scott and Uate Joekiwi gets 2018 young gun bunty afoa redemption card agreed
  17. pharoh

    Ruby's, LS and YG trade for Parra

    Hi All, Thanx for looking I have a Max King Young Gun Redemption Card that I am looking to trade for a Parra George Jennnings Cheers, Bob
  18. pharoh

    Completed pharoh and Malcolm

    Malcolm gets 2018 traders Raiders predictor and pharoh gets 2018 traders eels predictor agreed
  19. pharoh

    Raiders predictor to trade for Eels predictor

    Hi All. Thanx for looking Have a Raiders predictor, looking to trade for an Eels one if anyone is interested Cheers, Bob
  20. pharoh

    For Trade 2018 Sharks Predictor

    Hi All, Thanx for looking. I have a 2018 Traders Sharks predictor (number 70/218), looking to trade for an Eels predictor Cheers, Bob
  21. pharoh

    Futera 1996 World Cup Base Cards Sorted Thanx

    Hi All, Thanx for looking. A couple of weeks ago I picked up some assorted cards from the local markets and ended up being two short of a 1996 World Cup base set. The two I am missing are: 21. Ian Bishop 39. Kennedy Otieno Would anyone have these to spare? Happy to pay + post. Cheers and Thanx, Bob
  22. pharoh

    Completed pharoh and seano93

    Pharoh gets 2016 traders face of the game 28 and seano93 gets faces of the game 31 agreed
  23. pharoh

    For Trade Luke Keary SAS Black for Watmough

    Hi All, Thanx for looking. As the title says, I have a SAS black Keary looking to trade for a Watmough Also have the following, looking for Parra equivalents, including Pieces of the Puzzle 1-9 Pieces of the Puzzle 32 G Burgess, 46 Bromwich, 53 Matulino, 85 Brook, 88 Widdop FOtG 17 Matai, 19...
  24. pharoh

    Completed pharoh and scottbootscards

    pharoh gets 1995 dynamic series 2 front line enforcers x 4 scottbootscards gets paypal $$ agreed
  25. pharoh

    For Trade Retirement Minichiello for Smith, CL Shillington for Mannah

    Hi All, I have a Mark Minichiello Retirement I am looking to trade for a Ben Smith Retirement. I am also looking to trade a Shillington Club Leader for a Mannah Cheers, Bob
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