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  1. Rogerbid23

    Random COMC mail

    While NBA stuff went crazy expensive to collected. I’ve been lucky to purchase a few 2017 fleer ultra spider man PMG, just share a few, hope you enjoy much as I do. Keep the hobby vibrant. Thanks. I
  2. Rogerbid23

    Completed pete23nba / rogerbid23

    pete23nba get paypal. roger get jordan prime player, finest no protectors card. agree?
  3. Rogerbid23

    In Progress GoMoto/Rogerbid23

    GoMoto get paypal. Rogerbid23 Jordan reflection base card and 10 jordan legacy cards. agree? Thanks
  4. Rogerbid23

    Completed GoMoto/Rogerbid23

    GoMoto get paypal $$ Rogerbid23 96-97 Topps bordless ref 97-98 Mirror Image ref and atom ref hot prospect limited insert Agree? Cheers
  5. Rogerbid23

    Completed GoMoto/Rogerbid23

    GoMoto get paypal Rogerbid23 get jordan gu Reflections /100 Agree? Cheers.
  6. Rogerbid23

    Completed GoMoto / Rogerbid23

    GoMoto get paypal Rogerbid23 get MJ Super-Star Material GU. Agree? Cheers
  7. Rogerbid23

    Completed Neb / Rogerbid23

    Neb get paypal $$$ Rogerbid get Jordan 95-96 ultra score king agree? Cheers
  8. Rogerbid23

    Completed aussie26/ rogerbid23

    aussie26 send kobe and J lin cards rogerbid23 send paypal. agree? Thanks.
  9. Rogerbid23

    Completed 0kramrajnoc / rogerbid23

    0kramrajnoc send paypal $$ Rogerbid23 send 96-97 Topps finest mystery (super team) refractor. Agree?
  10. Rogerbid23

    Completed aussie26 & rogerbid23

    aussie26 send 15 jordan legacy cards rogerbid23 send paypal Agree? Cheers
  11. Rogerbid23

    Completed Justcardsmate / Rogerbid23

    Justcardsmate get $$$ Rogerbid23 UD Dual Game Materials MJ/LBJ Fleer authnetix courtside classics agree? Cheers again for the great deal.
  12. Rogerbid23

    Completed Justcardsmate / Rogerbid23

    Justcards mate get $$ Rogerbid23 get 96-97 BOWMANS BEST HONOR ROLL REFRACTOR MJ & H.Olajuwon $65 2003-04 Sweet Shot Jerseys #MJJ Michael Jordan $55 Agree? Cheers
  13. Rogerbid23

    little monday mail

    Hey everyone, just got a COMC package arrived today. Please to share with OCT community. Hope you have a great week. Hope you enjoy it, cheers
  14. Rogerbid23


    Hello everyone, it's been about over half year since my last mailday. Just do some catch up mailday, hope you enjoy it. Thanks to Sicnarf helping part of PC. Sicnarf cheers 13-14 Fleer Retro 94-95 Emotion Ntense 13-14 Fleer Retro 96-97 Golden Touch 97-98 Hardcourt Holding Court...
  15. Rogerbid23

    Completed michaell3198 / rogerbid23

    michael send becektt March jimmy butler issue rogerbid23 make payment by paypal Agree?
  16. Rogerbid23

    Completed rhysjsolomon / rogerbid23

    rhysjsolomon get $$$$ rogerbid23 get Michael Jordan SPGU patch 24/25. agree? Cheers Legend !!
  17. Rogerbid23

    little catch up mailday

    Hi everyone, haven't post mailday for while just share some of MJ pick up this year so far. Thanks the members who contribute to PC. :thumbsup: Hope you enjoy it. The PMG brother united :p Have a nice weekend, Cheers. :)
  18. Rogerbid23

    1 x 13-14 Prizm

    Hello guys, my first ever box of Panini. Anyone there for a morning break? Hope you enjoy it. 1st Pack Base M Morris D Lillard T Allen M Conley S O'neal Post Season: M Gasol 2nd Pack Base J Dudley Nash Walker K Olynyk M Malone Brilliance: T Paker
  19. Rogerbid23

    One Pack Mojo

    Went to dandenong market get some supply also bust 2 packs. Please with the first pack of mojo. cheers
  20. Rogerbid23

    Completed lapsico dish a Xmas prezzie to rogerbid23

    lapsico send 03-04 sweet shot signature shots Michael jordan auto. rogerbid23 make payment via paypal. agree? cheers :)
  21. Rogerbid23

    Completed pmitch_82 assist rogerbid23 for his pc

    pmitch_82 send 1995-96 95-96 UPPER DECK ELECTRIC COURT GOLD MICHAEL JORDAN BULLS #137. rogerbid23 make payment by paypal. agree? cheers
  22. Rogerbid23

    NCAA Chamberlain :D

    this kid is mad!!!
  23. Rogerbid23

    Broken wallet mailday~~

    Hello team, just share a parcel arrived today after got home from work. One of the PC cost me a arm, a leg maybe a eye too. :p Hope you enjoy it, 94-95 CC Gold Signature #204 95-96 UD Electric court gold #23 98-99 UD Hardcourt Bronze #J8 Grant Hill 02-03 Ultimate Dual Gu MJ/KB...
  24. Rogerbid23

    Monday parcel, Friday night mailday.

    Hello everyone, just do some catch up mailday pick up a few from OZC and Ebay. Huge thanks to COMC mail box service allow me to gain more for PC. Thanks to karlsta26 for these beaut!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UD Encore Driving Force /500 Super Powers...
  25. Rogerbid23

    Completed banzini / rogerbid23

    Ben send a copy of Oct beckett Roger make a payment . Cheers Agree?
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