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  1. Buck

    For Trade Liam Fulton LS #75 for Corey Parker LS, P&P Trades

    Looking to trade the following: Liam Fulton League Sensation #75 Pride and Passion: Dan Hunt, Wade Graham, Braith Anasta For: Corey Parker League Sensation Pride and Passion: Thaiday, McCullough
  2. Buck

    For Trade 2014 Traders

    I have the following to trade: Retirements: Roy Asotasi Need: Scott Prince Magic Moments: Sharks, Dragons Need: Broncos Chart Toppers : Andrew Fifita Hit-up/ Runs Need: Corey Parker Parallel: P25, P29, P31, P42, P59, P62, P67, P89, P110, P117, P124...
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