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    Completed Richard and tak35bne

    @tak35bne gets $ richard gets brandon smith sapphire agree
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    Completed Richard and lebasl

    @lebasl Gets parra ruby mojo Richard gets souths ruby mojo
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    For Trade 2020 elite mojos news cards added

    For trade only! Please Send me a PM with what you have to trade (even if I don’t have anything you want I had a few card offered that I don’t need as trade so fair chance we will be able to get it via 3 way trade) so let me know what you have. Cards I am looking to trade for: 2020 Emeralds...
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    For Trade For trade 1994 Double promos most still sealed. See photo.

    For trade 1994 Double promos most still sealed. See photo. Looking to trade the ones in the photo for any of the ones below that I need. Also keen to buy if you have any available. Will also consider trades for any Bulldogs or Parramatta ones not listed Looking for 2. Tim Brasher / 46.Les...
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    Completed Richard and Jburns86

    Richard gets Sutton LSB @Jburns86 gets $ Agree
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    Wanted black league sensation morris

    As title suggests chasing a black brett morris sig card
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    Tip top nz version tazos 2013

    does anyone have any of the new zealand versions of the tazos. I’m after: Josh dugan Jason croker Raiders duo both versions Michael jennings Tim grant Panthers duo both versions
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    Completed Angry and richard

    angry gets 2004 fittler captain sig card #39 Richard gets $
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    For Trade 1995 PNG cards willing to trade 2 for 1

    This is strictly for trade only as while I want the full set I'm willing to trade the ones from my pc to prioritse my Canterbury collection. I have cards alot from 1994 and 1995 including state of origin and willing to trade 2 for 1 if anyone has any of these 12 PNG Rugby League Cards from...
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    Completed Richard and dr grange

    Dr Grange gets cam smith LLB #38 Richard gets 2007 retro scanlens 2003 braith anasta promo card
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    1995 PNG Cards wanted

    Does anyone have any of these 12 PNG Rugby League Cards from 1995. Willing to buy or trade. I don't have many doubles but would trade ones from my pc to get these. Have ones from 1994 and 1995 as well as the State of Origin ones. 1995 PNG Rothamns 16.Sydney Bulldogs 43.Wests v Parramatta...
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    Completed bob and richard

    bob get titans saphire mojo #7 Richard gets bulldogs saphire mojo #11 Both to send registered post
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    For Trade 1991 origin heroes sticker sheets

    Anyone got any of the free for launch day cards they want to trade for the paid ones? All are in great condition. Happy to do a straight swap for the same number or trade for a different number you need. Have most numbers available to trade. Also willing to buy if you would rather sell. Have...
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    Completed Elite eel and Richard

    Elite eel gets 2000 Wrappers, Richard gets wrappers from 2007. agree
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    Empty packets wanted

    I am after these empty packets if anyone has some spares. I prefer to trade if possible. 1992 stickers 1993 regina 1993 stickers 1994 stickers 1994 series 1 (all variations) 1994 series 2 (all variations) 94 masters (all variations) 1995 series 1 (all variations) 1995 series 2 (all...
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    Rugby league gift cards anyone got any?

    Just wondering if anyone has any of these and any more info. I think they might be 2009. Would be interested to buy or trade if you do have some. In particular after: Broncos Raiders Cronulla Cowboys Gold coast Manly Melbourne Newcastle Warriors Roosters
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    Mostly Bulldogs want list (Also after error cards)

    1950 Graphic Picture 2.Canterbury 1950s picture Ron willey with others 1960s Dunlop Les Johns 1964 Mobil Transfer Canterbury Mobilgas Canterbury Mobilgas Special 1964 golden fleece transfer Canterbury 1965 Golden Fleece Activ-8 Transfer (no indent) (I have others to trade if needed)...
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    AFL mascot keyrings and mini figures

    Hi all, not really sure on if these are rare or not as I'm not a massive afl collector but just wondering if anyone could give a rough idea on value. Thanks
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    Best pen for ips?

    Going to try get some bulldogs cards signed this week, usually not my thing but going to try it out. Any recommendations on the best pens to use and where i can buy them?
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    Completed Richard and Synco

    Richard gets 76 x 1995 PNG cards Synco gets $ Richard Agrees
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    Ampol sticker help wanted

    Hi guys, I believe these were issued in 1971 but as I wasnt born I don't know if this is genuine or not. I know the smaller one is a remake but I am hoping the bigger one is genuine. I was told it was by the seller but hopefully someone who has or had in the past originals can vakidate this...
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    03 parra cards? help wanted

    Hi guys don't know alot about these can anyone tell me if 27 is the full set? I know they are fairly rare but does anyone have an idea of value that these cards go for when they come up?
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    2014 league sensation query

    Hi guys, I want to open by saying I am not posting this as a complaint, rather for curious collectors to see what it looks like under the sticker/ hopefully get some confirmation from those of you more in the know with closer links to esp. I've finally got my replacement card back from esp...
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