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    Malvern this Sunday, December 12

    Details under card shows but despite Comic-Con changing the date to coincide we will have a ton of traders, including a new non sport trader, and another who has a ton of old school, 90's Select inserts
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    card fair this Sunday, November 7, North Melbourne

    see the separate post, this Sunday, plenty of AFL, NBA, Pokemon cards, 109 Munster Terrace, North Melbourne, heaps of parking, close to North Melbourne station
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    Malvern December 12 2021

    Malvern Town Hall - confirmed for December 12, 2021, card fair, similar to March fair but with a bit more NBA etc
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    North Melbourne November 7, 2021

    Card fair confirmed, 109 Munster Terrace, North Melbourne - November 7, 2021, more details to follow soon
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    Malvern August 1, 2021

    I've put a separate post up in the card fairs section but we have August 1 confirmed. There's a bit more time to organise this one so I'm hoping to get a few more NBA guys involved so there's 5 or 6 dealers there, as well as all the regular AFL and NRL crew. I'll post a flyer in the next couple...
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    MALVERN August 1, 2021

    Malvern Card fair confirmed for August 1. There was some discussion after the March fair re lack of NBA cards. I've got one seller booked but would love to get a few more there. If you are interested or know of anyone who should get involved please get in touch. I will also have facilities for...
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    Dick Reynolds / Fletcher / Daniher eBay scam

    I guess a few of you will be aware of the ebay scammer who has been operating for a number of years. His method is to list a Dick Reynolds Hall of Fame signature card with a "best Offer"option, then when you make an offer he insists on bank deposit only, no pick up available, and surprise...
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    Collingwood cards and signed cards

    G'day, I'm a Melbourne based collector, mainly Collingwood cards, and signed cards. I have most Collingwood cards signed back to 1958, and am very keen to get hold of the last few I need. I also collect Hall of Fame and Brownlow signatures. I've got 100's of signed and unsigned cards to trade.
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