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  1. Rogerbid23

    Surprise mailday

    Awesome Platinum Medallion Swift and Awesome member skip20!
  2. Rogerbid23

    Some recent Spoon goodness

    WOW noice Skybox Weatherspoon Rubies!!! =D>=D>=D>
  3. Rogerbid23

    Dwight gets a big ticket

    Wow DH mega crazy mailday! Upper Deck Black always looks sick!! :thumbsup:
  4. Rogerbid23

    Random COMC mail

    Yep mate, just enjoy the Marvel comic character. :lol: :thumbsup: Correct Man, i pay these card between US$3-$25 but the carnage went crazy rise up. :lol:
  5. Rogerbid23

    Random COMC mail

    While NBA stuff went crazy expensive to collected. I’ve been lucky to purchase a few 2017 fleer ultra spider man PMG, just share a few, hope you enjoy much as I do. Keep the hobby vibrant. Thanks. I
  6. Rogerbid23

    Larry Johnson Upperdeck Buybacks

    Crazy grandmama buyback mailday!!!
  7. Rogerbid23

    Beam Team

    TSC beam team always beautifully design! Noice KG PC! :thumbsup:
  8. Rogerbid23

    Mark the century

    Those century marks doesn't appeal much in the market. Great Camby auto PC!!
  9. Rogerbid23

    Show something off

    Simply amazing star power supreme MJ. Love it!!!!
  10. Rogerbid23

    Show something off

    Catching up First day issue post.
  11. Rogerbid23

    Completed Jase888 & Rogerbid23

    Card arrived, done deal. cheers!
  12. Rogerbid23

    Completed Jase888 & Rogerbid23

    Agree cheers mate, I'll make the payment now.
  13. Rogerbid23

    Show something off

    Is the one at your signature pic. The :goat: ! :eek:
  14. Rogerbid23

    Show something off

    That's one crazy Penny PC!!! :thumbsup: =D>=D>=D>
  15. Rogerbid23

    Show something off

    Atomic Refractor time :p
  16. Rogerbid23

    Mailday from the US

    Pretty sick MJ RC sticker card and noice Magic PC.
  17. Rogerbid23

    Show something off

    WOW Ersk sick UD 98-99 MJ 1/1, never see that before until now. :thumbsup:
  18. Rogerbid23

    Show something off

    Ersk mate, your PC by far kick my @$$. :lol:
  19. Rogerbid23

    Camby exquisite

    Sick Camby PC mailday!
  20. Rogerbid23

    Show something off

    Thanks for the kind words.
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