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  1. daverybird

    For Sale Danny’s Football Sale (Cards & Jerseys)

    Hey! I’ll be adding more cards to this list as days go on. Keep an eye out and message me if you’re interested. 🙂 (I’m open to offers) - please add $2.50 for postage on each order. Price includes bubble wrap envelope and stamps. Price will increase if tracking wanted. Thanks. (Tracking postage...
  2. daverybird


  3. daverybird

    For Sale NRL Daily Telegraph 2011 & 2012 Cards

    Cleaning out my old cards and come across this. If anyone is interested, please message me. Thanks 🙂
  4. daverybird

    A-league signature/patch cards

    Hey mate. I’ve got a Jamie Maclaren base card signed if you’re interested.
  5. daverybird

    A-league clean out

    I'm chasing the YG-13 Thomas Deng (Young Guns) from the 17/18 set. Wouldn't happen to have a spare?
  6. daverybird

    For Sale Xmas Sale : Need gone! :)

    G'day. Message me if you're interested. I'll post the cards registered post for $5 extra, or regular post in a bubble envelope for $3. The shirts, we'll discuss this via PM. Cards for sale: James Troisi $10 Jamie Maclaren $10 Rhyan Grant $10 Kevin Muscat $10 Jason Geria $10 Jai Ingham...
  7. daverybird

    For Sale Caltex Socceroo Cards HEAPS for sale

    Hey mate. I’m chasing Strike Force 4 & 5, let me know if you have them for sale via PM. Thanks. :)
  8. daverybird

    A League commons 2007-08

    I have a few spare. what are you chasing? Edit; sorry, just noticed the numbers on the right haha. I'll have a look through my spares soon for ya ;)
  9. daverybird

    W.T.B Matildas 2017/18 Tap N Play

    Hey mate. My doubles are listed below, message me if interested. 17/18 common cards. 23 (Arnold), 24 (Butt x2), 29 (Foord), 30 (Gorry), 31 (Heyman), 32 (Kellond-Knight), 35 (Logarzo), 36 (Polkinghorne) 16/17 common cards #27 - Cooper, #32 - Heyman 15/16 common cards #23 - Barbieri, #28 -...
  10. daverybird

    For Sale A-League Cards & 2018 Prizm World Cup Cards + $2.50 Postage - All cards will be sent in top loaders in a bubble wrap envelope via regular Australia Post PANINI PRIZM 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP CARDS 20c each | Common Cards 21 Courtois, 37 Alisson, 52 Campbell, 76 Lacazette, 78 Lloris, 80 Mbappe, 94 Ter Stegen...
  11. daverybird

    17/18 Young Guns

  12. daverybird

    Matildas Signed

    Not for sale.. these are from my personal collection, I got a few of my cards signed a few years ago when they took on NZ here in Ballarat. Just chasing Kerr now. She’s a tricky one to get haha.
  13. daverybird

    Matildas Signed

  14. daverybird

    17/18 Young Guns

    Hey guys, I’m still chasing Thomas Deng Melbourne Victory Young Guns cards from the 17/18 A-League set. Any help would be appreciated :) Thanks
  15. daverybird

    Brisbane roar/ Brett holman signature cards

    Hey mate, I have this one spare if you’re interested. I got it signed after a Socceroos training session in Melbourne before the Thailand game.
  16. daverybird

    2015/16 A-League - Just gold to go

    I’ve got SH12 mark bridge spare. PM if interested.
  17. daverybird

    No ffa cards next year

    Wow! 😢 I was actually looking forward to this seasons with all the new stars in the league.
  18. daverybird

    A-League & Prizm WC

    I still need; 2017/18 TnP Young guns - Deng Album Card - Ninkovic Prizm World Cup 2018 Neymar - Scorers Club Morata - Scorers Club
  19. daverybird

    Tottenham cards and harry Kane cards?

    I have spare Tottenham common cards & inserts from the 2014/15 Topps Premier Club set. Inserts are Harry Kane future star & Eriksen international star. $5 for the lot of 16 cards, doubles included.
  20. daverybird

    2018 FIFA World Cup - Panini Sticker Album Update

    Hey guys, Just thought i'd share with you that Panini has released an update for the sticker album. I just got mine in the mail yesterday and i'm impressed! This...
  21. daverybird

    Upcoming 18/19 A League Season

    Select have had it before and it was a decent set. I think TnP need to put a bit more effort into their football cards.
  22. daverybird

    Trade to complete 2018 world cup base set

    Maybe he’s getting confused with the Adrenlyn set?
  23. daverybird

    Trade to complete 2018 world cup base set

    Hey mate. I have 106, 152 & 190 spare. I’m still chasing a few inserts from New Era, Fundamentals & Scorers club so I’d up for a trade. Message me if interested mate.
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