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  1. SharpysSports

    1st Off the Line - Noir Edition $3k per box

    So Panini has just released its latest Dutch Auction. This time it's 2019-20 Noir with a starting price of $3,000 USD! That's $375USD (or approx. $580 AUD) per card. With all the hype around the hobby, I'm predicting that these will all sell out at the $3k asking price or the price might drop...
  2. SharpysSports

    Does anyone know a Website/App Developer?

    Hi all, I'm looking to put together a website and app and need a website/app developer. It will be a fairly complex build so will need someone with experience in putting something like this together. Please send me a PM if you are a developer or know someone who is. Thanks!
  3. SharpysSports

    In Progress TheCardMan and Sharpyssports

    TheCardMan gets Jayson Tatum Select Silver Rookie cards x 2 Sharpyssports gets PayPal. TheCardMan reserves the right to view the cards in hand and if there are any issues with the condition, Sharpyssports agrees to provide a full refund. Agree?
  4. SharpysSports

    SOLD/TRADED Jayson Tatum Rookie Silver x 2

    Selling both my Tatum Rookie Silver Select’s as I need some quick PayPa Looking for $180AUD for both if purchased and payment made today. They’re selling for over $100USD each on eBay so plenty of cash to be made.
  5. SharpysSports

    The State of the Hobby....

    Just wanting to get an idea on what people thing the state of the hobby is. Reason I ask, I have had two of my best mates contact me over the past 24 hours wanting to get into trading cards as an investment. I'd say they would be motivated by the Gary V videos on Facebook... I can see the...
  6. SharpysSports

    More Paul George!!! (plus some others from a break)

    Huge thank you to @ruawhare for reaching out to me to offer the below. What started out as an offer for the Immaculate Sole of the Game turned into the other cards being thrown in!!! If anyone has any Anfernee Simons cards he's the guy to offer them to first! As always, thanks for looking.
  7. SharpysSports

    Couple of nice Paul George card just arrived!

    I got contacted through Instagram about a guy in Poland selling off his PG collection. I’m slowly paying it off as my card budget allows. These two just arrived. Spectra 1/1 Patch Flawless Auto - PG autos are rare as he doesn’t sign anymore Thanks for looking!!!
  8. SharpysSports

    Completed Sharpyssports and luluNTraed

    luluNTraed gets Lebron Origins Photo Variation Sharpyssports gets Paypal Agree?
  9. SharpysSports

    2019-20 Panini Origins Box Break

    Even though I didn't hit big I really loved breaking this product. Its really nice in hand. The Lebron photo variation is nice!
  10. SharpysSports

    2 x 2019/20 Prizm Blaster Boxes - Zion HIT!!!

    I’ve been searching far and wide for a few packs of the new Prizm to open. Couldn’t find anything so I bought a couple of Blaster boxes from Diggaz. Was a fun break! Even better to hit the Zion. Next up is a box of Origins. Another Zion please Diggaz!! Everything is for sale or will trade for...
  11. SharpysSports

    In Progress Sharpyssports and freeballs

    Freeballs get Paul Vaughn 2019 NRL Elite Sapphire Mojo Sharpyssports gets PayPal. Agree?
  12. SharpysSports

    For Sale/For Trade Elite Sales/Trades for Bunnies!

    Happy to trade for the Souths equivalents or sell. I've also got plenty of Silver Spotlights and Speed Machine. Postage Regular $3.50 Registered $7.00 St George - Jordan Pereira Young Guns Autograph #49/90 $120 St George - Paul Vaughn Sapphire #10/20 (Jersey Number!!!) FT only at this...
  13. SharpysSports

    Terrence Ross Mail Day!!

    It’s been a while between maildays. Whilst I thin out my Paul George collection, I’ve been adding to my Terrence Ross collection. This was an eBay bargain from a month ago. Thanks for looking!
  14. SharpysSports

    Completed Paul_Ambrey and Sharpyssports

    Sharpyssports gets PG Select Swatches rainbow plus other random PG cards Paul_Ambrey gets PayPal Agree?
  15. SharpysSports

    Small 3 card mail-day!

    Haven’t posted a mail day in a while. Feels like they are few and far between...
  16. SharpysSports

    2017-18 Panini Noir Box Break!

    Opened a box of the new Noir at Cherry earlier in the week. Very happy with the results! Most is available at
  17. SharpysSports

    Trading for Paul George!

    Time to do some good old fashioned trading. I'm looking for anything Paul George. Base cards right through to high end. My trade pile can be found at All cards are available even if they are listed as 'Sold Out'
  18. SharpysSports

    2017-18 Panini Prizm Fast Break

    Busted a box of the new Prizm Fast Break (couldn't afford Prizm). Was a little disappointed there wasn't any coloured Prizm's in the whole box but was still fun to bust. Hits below or through the link to my web page...
  19. SharpysSports

    2017-18 Panini Donruss Optic Fast Break Box

    Busted a box of Optic Fast Break a month or so ago. Relatively happy with the results. I like Optic as a product and the fast break prizms pop off the card nicely. Hits can be found on my website. Link below...
  20. SharpysSports

    2017-18 Panini Donruss Optic - ROOKIE GOLD AUTO!!!

    Opened a box of 17-18 Donruss Optic through the week. Was lucky enough to hit a Rookie Gold Autograph! Check out the break on my website. Use code OZCT for 15% off.
  21. SharpysSports

    2017-18 Panini Select

    Busted this earlier in the week. I’ve uploaded the break to my website. Note this is not a shop although it works like one and you can purchase through the site. It’s a place for me to store all of my cards for sale and trade as I don’t have the time I used to. Most for trade for Paul George...
  22. SharpysSports

    SALE - Use code OZCT for 15% off orders over $15

    Looking to build a little bit of PayPal. Use the code below to get 15% off orders over $15. Happy to trade for Terrence Ross, Paul George or MJ.
  23. SharpysSports

    BITE Box Break #002 - 2016-17 Panini Excalibur

    Opened a box of the new Excalibur and was lucky enough to hit the case hit! I love the base card design in this product. It reminds me of NBA Hoops from the mid 90's. Thanks to @cherrycollectables for the box...
  24. SharpysSports

    Double Post.

  25. SharpysSports

    BITE Box Break #001 - 2016-17 Panini Totally Certified Basketball

    I busted a box of 16-17 Totally Certified and uploaded it to my new and improved website. I'm running the website as a hobby for me. I know there is no way I'll make any money out of opening boxes. It's all part of the fun! Everything is up for sale. The images aren't the best and I am...
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