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  1. Brplat

    Trying to identify panthers signatures

    Hi guys, looking to possibly id some of the signatures on this panthers jersey, let me know if anything looks familiar to you. Unfortunately been out of the signature collecting game for awhile with covid so finding it hard to match up. Im thinking top left is James Fisher Harris and Paul...
  2. Brplat

    Daily telegraph poster 6/9 panthers finals

    Poster has been sorted! Thanks for looking
  3. Brplat

    For Trade Nrl magic round foam hands

    Hi guys, just got back from magic round 2021 and it was a truly awesome weekend 👍 unfortunately they did not do trading cards like in 2019 which is a shame because they were really popular. However they did hand out these foam hands to fans sitting in the team's supporter bay. I got these...
  4. Brplat

    Panthers Match Worn Mailday

    Hi guys, I have been abit quiet on the collecting front for awhile, but saw these jerseys for auction for a great cause so thought why not. Liam Martin #17 match worn ANZAC jersey from the Knights game. It was sent out in a nice box this time (no other panthers match worns have been like this in...
  5. Brplat

    For Sale/For Trade 2020 elite rubys, signatures etc

    Hi guys, got the following for sale or trade for 2020 panthers I need Rubies Titans logo 21/40 $30 Blayke Brailey 10/40 $30 WILL TRADE FOR koroisau, Crichton, whare or panther logo Jai Arrow LSW 59/80 $90 WILL TRADE FOR cleary Cameron munster daily m priority 44/67 $40 WILL TRADE TOWARDS...
  6. Brplat

    For Sale/For Trade James tedesco player in focus

    Hi guys, have two of the above cards for sale after a stuff up when round 5 (tedesco) was sent to people who bought round 6 (cleary). They remade these cards with a hologram sticker on the back. My two don't have the sticker as they are from the original run. $20 each is what I'm asking...
  7. Brplat

    Daily telegraph 22nd october panthers glossy poster

    Hi guys, can someone in Sydney grab me a copy of the daily telegraph poster tommorow? Will pay postage and for your time. Sadly I'm in QLD so I'll miss out otherwise 😣 Ps edited original post to keep forum clean
  8. Brplat

    Nathan Cleary hit

    Hi guys, I'm very excited at the moment, 2nd box of the 2020 elite cards just came in the post and I pulled this beauty! Not for sale obviously 👍 Cheers Brplat
  9. Brplat

    SOLD/TRADED Nrl 2020 elite ruby and sapphire trade

    Hi guys, have these to trade for panthers cards. Sapphire I'll trade for any panthers sapphire. I will trade the ruby for any panther ruby that's not Tamou or cleary. Cheers Brplat
  10. Brplat

    For Trade 2020 elite swap for panthers

    Hi guys, interested in swapping for panthers cards. Cheers Brplat EMERALD SOLD
  11. Brplat

    How to display game worn jerseys

    Hi all, I am doing renovations on my rumpus room and want some inspiration on game worn jersey displays. I have some already framed up but hoping for a space saving option if anyone has ideas? Photo attached is not mine saw it online but using it as example Cheers Brplat
  12. Brplat

    2x AFL magnets

    Hi guys, not a part of the forum i frequent but here goes. I bought some AFL footy cookies from the reject shop and they had included a magnet in each pack. Happy to post these out free of charge to a fan who would like them. Otherwise ill be tossing them out (Pretty sure the teams are Richmond...
  13. Brplat

    Completed Brplat and Rhino1983

    Brplat gets: tamou blue toon Mini footy star card cleary Parallels 91,95,97,98,99 Base 91,92,93,94,95,99 2x sets of panthers figurines 1x set of panthers superhero parallels Rhino1983 gets: Yellow header nrl card + $$$ paypal Brplat agrees :)
  14. Brplat

    For Sale/For Trade 2017 NRL Traders + 2018 Xtreme

    Hi guys, finally have my list for these up. Postage $5 unless you buy a massive heap :) RED - Incoming or sold SALE/TRADE LIST 2018 Traders Parallels (50c each) 5,7,7,13,14,19,20,26,29,33,36,36,45,45,59,62,66,67,67,67,71,80,81,84,94,99,113,116,117,122,125,128,131,131,135,139,140,141,149,158...
  15. Brplat

    1994 Mal Meninga Figurine

    Hi guys, no longer need this in my collection. Keen to trade for afew panthers cards or will send it out for cost of postage if anyone is keen? Cheers Brplat
  16. Brplat

    For Sale 2017 NRL Extreme signatures

    Hi guys, any interest in these? all have holograms on the back and are in mint condition. Selling for $10 each plus postage to anyone interested. Cheers Brplat
  17. Brplat

    Completed Brplat and BrandBoy20

    Brplat gets: $$ via paypal BrandBoy20 gets: 2017 elite young gun Josh Addo Carr Signature Brplat agrees :) Cheers Brplat
  18. Brplat

    For Sale 2017 Elite Young Gun Josh Addo Carr PRICE DROP QUICK SALE

    NOW SOLD! Hi guys, pulled this yesterday. Josh Addo Carr 2017 Elite young guns card numbered 79/130. Chasing $50 posted express post. Let me know if any interest :) Cheers Brplat
  19. Brplat

    Competition voting

    Hi guys, just a little off season spam :) (hope its all good admin). Well i guess it isnt technically 'off-season' but it may as well be for me :) I have entered a competition through Youi for a 2018 club membership (also a great excuse to show off a part of the collection!) I was wondering if...
  20. Brplat

    Daily telegraph panthers cleary poster

    Hi guys. Chasing a poster out of the daily telegraph (15th September) of a nathan cleary cartoon. I found papers in brisbane - but the posters had been removed :( Will pay. If possible would love two copies Thanks in advance Brplat
  21. Brplat

    2017 NRL Traders Predictor

    Hi guys, trying to sell a manly sea eagles predictor i just pulled. Number 140/217. Asking $100 posted Wanting to buy a panthers equivalent Cheers Brplat
  22. Brplat

    NRL custom card design

    Hi guys, Did these up as i had some spare time. What do you think? havent done customs in ages so i thought i would give it another crack Cheers Brplat
  23. Brplat

    Penrith Panthers home game posters

    Hi guys, i got my members email which included this image of player posters that will be handed out at every panthers home game. If someone could grab me one at every home game that would be awesome - i can work out a payment/card trade for helping me out :) Thanks Brplat
  24. Brplat

    2017 Traders - chasing some commons

    Hi guys, need these few to complete second sets and such. Not desperate but thought i would post while the hype is still around for the new series. Broncos Mccullough x2, Kahu x2, Oats x1, McGuire x1, Thaiday x1, Milford x1 Cowboys Granville x2, Scott x2, O'Neill x2, Logo x1, Lowe x1, Cooper...
  25. Brplat

    Completed Davebvd and Brplat

    Brplat gets: Peta Hiku SAS black Davebvd gets: De Gois Playmaker Davebvd to post first. I agree :) Cheers Brplat