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  1. Stern Blend

    Completed niland & Stern Blend

    payment sent
  2. Stern Blend


    going with the sweet clue can only think of White Chocolate or Jellybean Bryant.
  3. Stern Blend

    NBA Rookie Auto Giveaway

    108 MEM -105 SA Conley 29pts
  4. Stern Blend

    2001 Select AA and Insert wantlist.

    Main interest at the moment is the Draft pick signatures.
  5. Stern Blend

    AFL Select Honours 1 Box Giveaway

    Team: Port Adelaide always been in my blood. Fav player today: Couldnt pick just 1 I love the young guys coming through. They all drink something different and is exciting to what they produce week after week. The pure brilliance of Whingard, the strength of Ollie wines in packs, the list goes...
  6. Stern Blend

    Ozfootball's Mid-Year Competition

    1.27.30 great idea for a comp you should be commended on your creativity. Thanks
  7. Stern Blend

    GARY PAYTON 2013-14 PRIZM Black 1/1 Hall Monitor

    Sorry nothing there I'm really interested in some nice cards though. Pele patch is interesting.
  8. Stern Blend

    GARY PAYTON 2013-14 PRIZM Black 1/1 Hall Monitor

    I'm sure it would look good in your collection but looking for more, preferably a trade. If nothing else comes up I will reconsider. Thanks.
  9. Stern Blend

    GARY PAYTON 2013-14 PRIZM Black 1/1 Hall Monitor

    Looking for possible trades for Bill Russell, Alonzo Mourning or Michael Jordan autos. Will consider Hall of Famer autos. Please pm me some offers and PLEASE no low ball offers will not trade down.
  10. Stern Blend

    whitethecelticsfan.... Resolved

    Perfect. Thats exactly how it works. If you want to be cheap and go standard then you have to hope it arrives. Aust post lose tons of mail a month. I always give the option its only $3.20 for tracking, $3 for signature on arrival. It is not the responsibility of the seller once posted. Handy if...
  11. Stern Blend

    Completed Sternblend & Bigdub

    Sternblend gets 2001 Select Scott Thompson & bigdub gets $30 paypal gift. Agree?
  12. Stern Blend

    Celebrating #9000 posts - WIN FREE SP authentic packs for goodfeel stories from OCT -

    Love the replys to this thread guys some nice stories. Been 2 months since posting up Terry i want to see someone pull some MOJO. OutlawNinja love the banner ^^^.