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  1. Tristian Brand

    In Progress Wattsup and Tristian Brand

    Wattsup gets harmnes bang and Langdon lighting Tristian gets $$$
  2. Tristian Brand

    2021 Select Footy Stars Prestige FIRE SALE! Oranges, Blues, CKs, Brownlow Leaders!

    ADD $6.50 FOR POSTAGE (Tracking number and bubble mailer provided) Oranges $7.50 each or 2 for $10 Blues $12.50 each or 2 for $20 Clearance Kings $20 each Brownlow Leaders $25 each BANGS! $15 each Lightings $20 each Guthrie BP $30 SOLD Oranges - Naughton Blues - Naughton, King Brownlow Leader...
  3. Tristian Brand

    Completed Hornso & Tristian Brand

    Hornso gets Motlop & Enright Certified Signautres Tristian get $$$
  4. Tristian Brand

    TLA Cricket Traders 2021/22

    silly question but what's the go with the priority boxes?
  5. Tristian Brand


    As above have cash ready.
  6. Tristian Brand


    Not yet mate, but all my packages have been very slow arriving laterly
  7. Tristian Brand

    Brisbane Lions Cards

  8. Tristian Brand


    Why did this get cancelled?
  9. Tristian Brand


  10. Tristian Brand

    Brisbane Lions Cards

  11. Tristian Brand

    In Progress Saints man & Tristian Brand

    Saints man gets - Jack Steele marquee Tristian Brand gets - Lachie Neale marquee
  12. Tristian Brand

    For Sale/For Trade Richard Conte Cut Sig $100

    Willing to trade for AFL or make an offer.
  13. Tristian Brand

    For Sale/For Trade Yogi Berra Cut Auto $200

    Willing to trade for AFL cards or make an offer.
  14. Tristian Brand

    Brisbane Lions Cards

    Interested in any Brisbane Lions cards, from silvers to signatures. Preferably lots or collections. Message me with what you have. Not interested in commons.
  15. Tristian Brand

    Wills Cigrette Cards

    Interested in them for $30
  16. Tristian Brand

    Wills Cigrette Cards

    Any idea on price mate?