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    Logan McDonald

    Looking for Gold and Platinum Logan McDonald DPSs..... Have funds ready to go!
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    For Sale James Worpel Showstopper

    James Worpel Showstopper #67/70 $340 ONO
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    Mills #14

    Hi, Looking for 2016 Rookie Card of Callum Mills #14/240 and 2017 Certified 460 of Callum Mills #14/460. Please let me know if you have these and are looking to sell or even if you aint!
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    Is there a way to report scammers? Paid for a card two weeks ago, person said they would send Tuesday 28/1. After several messages I received a response last week saying they would send ASAP. I have since sent three messages all which have gone unanswered. Not happy and $100 down the drain...
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    In Progress Lisa.J & BennyG

    Lisa.J receives PayPal $ BennyG received 2019 Select Dominance DPS Nick Blakey #129/175 Agreed?
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    Blakey DPS and 1996 Hall of Fame Legend Signature: Bob Skilton

    Hi All, Continuing to look for any Blakey DPSs. Happy to pay $100 posted registered. Please hit me up if you would like to move one on. Also on the off chance anyone has a 1996 Hall of Fame Legend Signature: Bob Skilton that they are looking to sell, please let me know Thanks
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    For Sale 2019 Supremacy Cards

    Have the following cards for sale Please add $3.50 for regular postage or $7 for registered: Commons: Toby Greene #51/90: $15 Tom Jonas #66/90: $15 Others: Caleb Marchbank Franchise Future Signature #69/70: $60 Wayne Harmes Norm Smith Medallist Signature #39/65: $140 Bruce Doull Norm Smith...
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    Hi All, Chasing Nick Blakey DPS as well as 2017 Future Force variants..... $$ ready to go. Thanks,
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    For Sale Port Adelaide Lot- Select Dominance

    Hi All, Have this Port Adelaide lot for sale for $175. Includes Paddy Ryder High Flier, 2 x rookies, 2 x timeless, 1 x AA and 5 Holo Parallels (incl a #009 and #010).
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    Dominance- Nick Blakey DPS

    Hi All, Looking for Nick Blakey DPSs. Please let me know if you have one for sale/trade! Thanks,
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    In Progress BennyG and Crows4Ever

    BennyG will receive $$$ Crows4Ever will receive: Series Card Player Club Card Number Select Legacy HFLE246 R.Sorrell East Fremantle/South Fremantle 567 Select Legacy HFLE251 R.Todd Collingwood/Williamstown 108 Select Legacy AA2 Alex Rance Richmond N/A Select Legacy RC7 Hunter Clark St...
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    For Sale Select Series 2 and Future Force

    Hi All, I have created a spreadsheet which lists all cards I have to sell. They are mainly Select Series 2 and Future Force though there are some from other series listed on the final sheet. I have prices marked for 2018 Legacy and am starting on the rest. Please have a look and if you are...
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    Lockett Hall of Fame Signature

    Looking for a Plugger Hall of Fame signature. Please get in touch!
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    Assorted Cards Listed At Very Reasonable Prices!

    Hi All, have just listed assorted cards on eBay at very reasonable prices! Please check it out...
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    Mills/Heeney Green Future Force Signatures

    Hi, Looking for any Mills (2015) /Heeney (2014) Future Force Green Signatures. Happy to pay reasonable $ or trade. Thanks!
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    Select Series 2 and Future Force 2012-2018

    Hi All, Wanting to clear out all my non Swannies cards. Have listed a few below. If you are keen to see what else I have, Select Series 2 and Future Force 2012-2018, please message and I will send you Excel spreadsheet listing all cards. Select Legacy 18: Future Hall of Fame: FHOF15 Tom...
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    For Sale Callan Ward Influential #06/40

    Hi All, Picked this up last night. Open to offers. PM if interested. Thanks, Ben
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    For Sale/For Trade Jack Watts Guernsey Signature Redemption

    Hi All, This one is for sale/trade (anything Sydney Swans). Get in touch if interested.
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    For Sale Future Force 2015 Red Signatures #002/200

    Hi All, I have a Wayne Milera FFRS currently selling on eBay #002/200 Link is here: Also have a Jacob Hopper FFRS #002/200 that I am...
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    Isaac Heeney Future Force Signatures

    Hi All, Am looking for any Isaac Heeney 2014 Future Force Signatures, if you have and would like to sell please message! Thanks Ben
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    Bennyg Sell/Trade List

    Hi All, Have the following cards for sale (any reasonable offer) or traded (Swans equivalent): 2015 Select Honours 2: Brownlow Medal Signature: BMS7 Keith Greig (North Melbourne) 1973: 103/200 Certified Signature: SCS5 Jamie Elliot (Collingwood) 210/400 SCS7 Cale Hooker (Essendon) 156/400...
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    For Sale Future Force Box

    Hi All, Have two boxes of Future Force am wanting to offload. Please PM if you Interested. Cheers Bn
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    Completed Lookin4sigs & Bennyg

    Looking4sigs gets: Shannnon Taylor Future Force Green (#020/150) Nathan Wright Future Force Green (#008/150) Essendon Premiership Predictor 2007 Select Supreme BennyG gets: PayPal $$ Deal?
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    Lewis Jetta/Gary Rohan DPS and Tim Membrey Future Force Signature

    Hi all, As per title am intereseted in paying cash for any Lewis Jetta/Gary Rohan DPS and Tim Member Future Force Signature. Please get in contact if you willing to sell.
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    Completed Bennyg & Higgo84

    Bennyg gets PayPal $ Higgo84 gets : Team of Century Keith Greig Premiership Predictor Hawthorn RS19 Andrew Gaff MG11 Ryan Houlihan MG13 Darren Jolly MG18 Brent Stanton MG24 Shannon Byrnes MG27 Josh Hunt MG50 Nathan Foley MG54 Sean Dempster Deal?