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    Any TTMers?

    I'd definitely be interested! Shoot me a PM if you like. I don't have a ton of AFL stuff to trade but I have a lot from other sports.
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    Any TTMers?

    Got my first one back from a former Shinboner, Malcolm Blight!
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    Any TTMers?

    You know what's funny with the comments about Collingwood never responding to you and one other in that thread? Back around 2007 I sent an email to every team I could think of-- MLB, Minor League baseball, NFL, CFL, NFL Europe, Arena League, NBA, WNBA, NHL, minor and junior hockey, MLS, EPL...
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    Any TTMers?

    I'm an autograph collector, much of it through the mail (hence TTM) and started sending to a few former AFL players. Just got this one back yesterday. Hudson went to Hutchins School in Hobart, where I was an exchange student for a few weeks in 2000.
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    DFWGrapher - my site

    Just joined, intro'ed myself over in the New Member board. Anyways, I mostly collect autographs, both in-person and through the mail. I have a few sets I'm working on getting autographed in various sports and recently put together a site for them I collect other...
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    New here from the US

    Hey group, Found this place thanks to a link in a custom card making group on Facebook. I'm Drew, card collector for about 30 years. 37 years old, photo editor, writer, and podcast host, long-suffering fan of all the Cleveland teams plus North Melbourne. I mostly specialize in in-person (IP)...