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    Sealed NBA boxes

    Got some sealed boxes for sale....please PM me if interested. Price is per box and all prices are include delivery 3x SEALED BOXES - 2003/04 TOPPS BAZOOKA NBA (24 packs) - 3x GU RELICS PER BOX - $65 SEALED RETAIL BOX - 2001/02 FLEER GENUINE NBA (11 packs) - $40 2x SEALED JUMBO HTA BOX -...
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    NBA suspends Magic's Turkoglu for positive steroid test

    Given all that is going on here with drugs in sport.....I thought others might find this interesting.
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    Australian Test Captains - signed cards!

    I've just listed a variety of cards I'd collected in an attempt to put together a set of cards of Australian test captains. Anyway I lost interest in putting it together so I've decided to auction them off.....all starting at 99c!! Some are signed....some aren't. There's everyone from Bill Brown...
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    Wanted - 8"x10" top loader for UD Portraits

    Just wondering if anyone has a spare 8"x10" top loader for a UD Portraits card. PM me if you do....thanks!!
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    1983 Topps Return of the Jedi Series 1 & 2 wax boxes

    Got a series 1 and series 2 box of Topps Return of the Jedi for sale. Each box has 36 factory sealed wax packs with 10 cards and 1 sticker (Plus a stick of gum, which I do not recommend eating!) Series 1 is $75 dlvd and series 2 is $95 dlvd PM me if interested!!
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    Sneaky change to Ebay store pricing

    Not sure how many other members on OCT still have an Ebay store.....but I got the email below on Friday (Sept 14th) that Ebay were increasing the price of stores from $24.95 to $49.95.....and the changes would take effect the next day. Now there is a chance I missed an earlier email...but I...
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    Any "Muggsy" fans out there??

    Here's an interesting event I just saw posted on FB by ticketmaster.....
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    This is what Melbourne is missing out on!!!

    from the Herald Sun website -
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    US actor Michael Clarke Duncan dies

    Sad news from the was only recently that I was watching him when he went to Scotland with Craig Ferguson and the Late Late Show team....a great talent who'll be missed.
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    Spelling and grammar

    Is there some way that the forum software can highlight spelling and grammar problems in posts and recommend changes?
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    Jordan hires ex-Adelaide 36ers coach for Bobcats

    Report from Herald
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    How good is this going to be??

    I saw this program advertised during the playoffs when I was in the States last month.....the article is from the Herald Sun website...really looking forward to this!!
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    Latest Beckett Basketball and Sports card Monthly

    I've got 3 each of these brand new Beckett magazines for sale. Price includes postage! These are fresh off the news-stands in the US....PM me if you're interested!! Beckett Basketball (July/August) - (SOLD OUT!) Beckett Sports Card Monthly (June) - $16.95 dlvd
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    I have a big lot finishing tonight.....full of superstars with a mixture of base and inserts (some hard-to-find stuff as well!!)....BV would easily be over $200. Cheap at the moment....just over $5.00.....might make some nice trade-bait for player collectors...
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    Futera NBL sets

    I've got the following complete base sets for sale - 1993 Futera NBL - $30 1994 Futera NBL (Series 1) - $20 1994 Futera NBL (Series 2) - $20 (or both series for $30) 1995 Futera NBL - $20 Postage $7.95 per set. I also have some inserts available from these sets and will be listing these...
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    Collecting can pay off....just sell before you die!!

    This story is from
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    Blake Griffin flies!!!!

    I'm not sure if it's just me.....but this highlight just about made me fall out of my chair!! Lob City Saturday Night |
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    Cheap autos and 90's sealed boxes!!!

    Check out my Ebay store for price-reduced autos, blaster boxes and some new mid-90's NBA boxes. Click the link in my signature!!!
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    Sealed NBA boxes - Panini Threads / Elite / Prestige / Rookies & Stars

    I have the following Factory Sealed blaster boxes for sale. 2009/10 Panini Elite - $19.95ea (5 boxes) 2009/10 Panini Rookies and Stars - $19.95ea (3 boxes) 2010/11 Panini Threads (auto/gu per box) - $21.95ea (5 boxes) 2010/11 Panini Prestige (auto/gu + 8xRC per box) - $21.95ea (5 boxes)...
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    Sealed Box - Doctor Who Big Screen - 3 Autos per box!!

    I've got 1x sealed box of Doctor Who Big Screen for sale. (Produced by Strictly Ink in 2002) The box contains 24 packs with 8 cards in each pack. There's 3 autos per box!!! Price is $69.95 (plus $6.95 postage) PM me if interested.
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    Sealed Box - The Sopranos (Season 1) - Auto per box!!

    I've got 2 sealed boxes of The Sopranos (Season 1) for sale. The box contains 24 packs with 7 cards in each pack. There's an auto per box!!!:woot::kick::thumbsup: Price is $29.95 each (plus $6.95 postage) PM me if interested.
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    MJ no longer coming to Melbourne....

    From the Herald Sun website -
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    FOR SALE - 90's NBA Sealed Boxes

    Hi everyone! I've just received a new shipment of some old-school NBA sealed boxes!! The quantity of each box I have available is in the brackets ie. (2) Postage for 1 box is $6.95....2 boxes is 11.95.....postage for larger orders is dependent on which boxes are purchased. Please PM me if...
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    Standard of the NBL....

    Just wanted to comment on the standard of the NBL currently.....I've watched 3 games over the past week......and I have to say I think the quality of play has improved markedly this season. It's only early days yet (and it may be because I get to watch it more regularly on free to air...
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    Australia Post - Parcel Tracking

    Not sure if everyone is aware of this....or if I'm just behind the times....which is a distinct possibility!! Anyway...I was at the PO yesterday to post a large parcel and the lovely lady who served me asked if I would like to register the package....or.....they now offer tracking for just...