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    Topps Merlin Hobby Box

    Listed on US Sports Cards Australia on Facebook. Pick Your Team/Player style break. Still some good value teams available plus a cheap mini. Jump on Facebook and check it out
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    Chronicles Multipack Box

    Breaking 1 Chronicles Multipack Box on USSCA on Facebook. $18 a spot 1 team from each league per spot. Jump on the Facebook page and in the break 😀
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    Euro Mosaic Hobby Break PYT

    PYT break on USSCA on Facebook. Still some decent teams left plus a few little cheapie teams too. We also have a 10 spot Mini listed for Belgium, Netherlands & Italy with a last place bonus too. Main break link Mini link
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    Soccer Chronicles Hybrid

    Little 10 spot break on US Sports Cards Australia on Facebook. Soccer Chronicles Hybrid Hobby. Draft style team selection. Every spot gets 2 teams from each league. Jump on the link and mention OzCardTrader if you need to join.
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    2 x Topps Merlin Hobby box

    We currently have a 2 box Topps Merlin PYT break listed on USSCA on Facebook. Couple of big name teams left (Ajax, Roma, Inter, Juventus, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester Utd & Lazio) Prices are listed on the post. Jump on the link and get involved guys. Breaks tonight if full...
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    Topps UCL Museum Collection

    Also have a $9 Mini listed for this break too
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    Topps UCL Museum Collection

    2 boxes of the Museum Collection. Over on USSCA on Facebook. Beautiful product. This is a team break so 21 spots with a random draw and a trade period. $35 a spot. If you are interested jump on the link If you have to join...
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    Topps Merlin UCL/UEL

    On USSCA on Facebook we currently have this beauty of a break. 15 spots random. Teams are distributed as evenly as possible for number of Autos available. Still 8 spots left, looking to fill and break Sunday night. If you aren't a member join the page and mention OzCardTrader and I'll add you in...
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    19/20 Hoops Premium Blaster & Donruss Clearly Hobby

    A Pick your team style break listed on USSCA on Facebook. Still some good teams left and every team purchased gets you a chance at winning the Pels in a random pre Break. Jump on US Sports Cards Australia on Facebook and jump in...
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    19/20 Donruss Clearly & 20/21 Revo Hobby

    On US Sports Cards Australia Facebook page we currently have a NBA break. 30 spots random. Will break when full. Jump on the link and jump in. If you aren't a member of the page mention OzCardTrader and I'll add you and tag you in break post...
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    For Sale Luka Doncic Donruss Rated Rookies PSA10

    Luka Doncic PSA10 Donruss Rated Rookie. $600 including registered post. PayPal or Osko/Bank transfer accepted
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    Chronicles Tmall Box & Obsidian Tmall

    1 sealed box of Chronicles Tmall $160 1 sealed box of Obsidian Tmall $520 Prices include express Postage
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    2020 Select Euro

    Select Euro break just listed on USSCA. Jump on the page and when asked where you heard about the page mention here and I'll add you to the page. Remember to also answer the other questions and as with any group check the rules please
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    Completed Marto10 & Cardfund

    Cardfund gets Tyler Herro base prizm PSA9 Registered post Marto10 gets $103 Paypal
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    SOLD/TRADED Tyler Herro Base Prizm PSA9

    Tyler Herro Base Prizm PSA9 $100 posted. $103 if you want it registered post.
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    Completed Marto10 & double11

    Cards arrived safe, bit of a mix up but all sorted smoothly in the end. Deal done happy on my end
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    Completed chensanity & Marto10

    Cards arrived 👍
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    Completed Marto10 & double11

    Deal is Marto10 gets 2 Optic Holo and 1 Fanatics Thybulle double11 gets PayPal payment
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    Completed chensanity & Marto10

    Agreed and paid
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    KZ & Thybulle Optic Rainbow

    Hey mate, have all 3 ofvthose already. Thanks mate
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    KZ & Thybulle Optic Rainbow

    Thanks mate, I'll checkmy spreadsheet out tonight and get back to you 👍
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    KZ & Thybulle Optic Rainbow

    Hi, I'm looking at doing the KZ Okpala and Matisse Thybulle Donruss Optic Rated Rookie Optic Rainbow, if anyone has any variants to trade or sell please let me know. Thanks
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    Completed Marto10 & araiee

    Sounds good. How do I go about leaving feed back? Newbie to the site really not sure where to go