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  1. Shaunao1983

    2021 Teamcoach commons

  2. Shaunao1983

    In Progress Shaunao1983 & TexWalkerFromNationalTiles

    Shaun gets Eyre optimum rookie card plus 31/115 Tex gets $ agreed?
  3. Shaunao1983

    Trade Agreement

    It’s under the ozcard members part mate, from there it should be fairly easy. You enter the name(s) of the members your trading with and what the deal is , then the buyer or seller agrees to the trade which is then active.
  4. Shaunao1983

    Select Optimum 2021

    My 2 cents. The only knock is the scratched signatures. Apart from the scratches on the sigs, the signature cards look very classy with the faded look. I like how they have done different versions of both signature and rookie cards, the rookie cards #115 will be more sought after in years...
  5. Shaunao1983


    Ugle Hagan, Thilthorpe rookies sold
  6. Shaunao1983

    Another Optimum Sale/Trade Thread

    Chapman, Bowey rookies #115 sold.
  7. Shaunao1983

    Completed ihateupants & shaunao1983

    Agreed, thanks.
  8. Shaunao1983

    Boxes of 2021 Optimum

    Mojo to you.
  9. Shaunao1983

    Completed Shaunao1983 & CARL and TONY ands

    Shaun gets Hardwick bang plus $ Carl and Tony ands gets J.Weitering Star Wildcard agreed?
  10. Shaunao1983

    2021 Teamcoach commons

  11. Shaunao1983

    2021 footy stars prestige

    Teamcoach and Select have the same photographer on the books.
  12. Shaunao1983

    In Progress Shaunao1983 & Gebery

    Shaun gets 2021 Teamcoach Star Wildcard McGrath and Magic Guthrie aswell as 3 card craft cards and 3 best and fairest cards. Gebery gets PayPal $ Agreed?
  13. Shaunao1983

    Teamcoach 2021

    Definitely wasn’t a print error.
  14. Shaunao1983

    Teamcoach 2021

    Gotta pic of it?
  15. Shaunao1983

    Teamcoach 2021

    Sold for $65
  16. Shaunao1983

    Teamcoach 2021

    Yes I have 1 Greene gold
  17. Shaunao1983

    2021 Teamcoach commons

  18. Shaunao1983

    2021 footy stars prestige

    I don’t think Select and eBay can do much.