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  1. banana

    Optimum 2021

    Looking to trade for Richmond Equivalents, or high end Richmond from previous releases. All prices are negotiable. Postage is $4standard/$8registered - have heaps of Optimum+ @$10, Pm me if you are chasing any. Photos with numbers attached at the bottom of the thread. Mitchell Mirror 06/60 $750...
  2. banana

    WANTED: Richmond Gold Predictor, swap for one of my spare Silvers

    As per the title, comment or PM me if you have a spare Gold and are willing to trade. Also happy to purchase at a fair price.
  3. banana

    Brilliance Pendlebury & Heeney

    Pendlebury 15/50 Looking to trade for Dusty or PM me an offer Heeney $300
  4. banana

    2020 Select Brilliance

    Select announcing right now. 1 card per box, 36 base cards /50 , 2 per team, 1 is Dusty, 1 is Ted Whitten. Each card is 180pt and all come in a gold case. Thoughts? The Dusty is a beautiful card.
  5. banana

    SOLD/TRADED Scott Pendlebury Captain Signature #013

    As per the title, $1800dlvd express post+signature
  6. banana

    Where is all the stock?

    I've been following some of the "breakers" closely on Facebook. They get deliveries of Prestige and Dominance weekly. One just said he received a delivery of 2 cases of Prestige today. So the question is: Where are they getting this stock from? Both these series are sold out are they not?
  7. banana

    High End Richmond Needs

    Trent Cotchin Captain Sig Jack Riewoldt and Tom Lynch Influential Dustin Martin Dominance Jack Riewoldt and Michael Roach High Flyers Shane Edwards Players Ink Happy to trade or pay $
  8. banana

    2020 Dominance

    2020 Dominance - Postage $4/$8 - Happy to trade for Richmond Cards (haven't been collecting last 2-3 years) Mundy Influential $450 Fischer McCasey Sig $50 Port 2004 Premiership $50 OTR $10ea, Rookies $10ea, Holos $5ea
  9. banana

    banana's Legacy 2018 Sale Thread

    Happy to negotiate deals, PM me instead of posting in the thread please. Common Sets $10 +postage HOF Insert Sets $30 AA Sets $40 $6 registered post $3 regular post (padded envelope/top loader/penny sleeve) Nat Fyfe Future Hall of Fame 45/50 $300 Robert Murphy Future Hall of Fame 29/50 $300...
  10. banana

    2018 Legacy Mailday

    Hi everyone, as you might have noticed I haven't busted any packs/boxes/cases for a long time. Seeing as though the HOF cards were back this series, I decided to buy a case... I am halfway through, and these are my big hits so far... (keep in mind Im a mad tiger...)
  11. banana

    For Sale Patrick McCartin Jumper Number Signature

    Genuine offers only, PM me.
  12. banana

    For Sale 2016 Certified

    FOR SALE ONLY - Will only trade for Cotchin Guernsey. Happy to listen to offers, PM only. Anything highlighted in red is sold. (numbers are in the thumbnail pics) Riewoldt Case Signature $700 Hawkins Sig Redemption $450 Thomas/Beams Redemptions $200ea Murphy Footys Finest $300 Zorko...
  13. banana

    For Sale/For Trade Brownlow Predictors

    Scott Thompson $40 Tom Rockliff $40 Cale Hooker $40 Billy Longer $25 Trading for Cotchin or Martin only.
  14. banana

    Completed banana and Ben3

    @banana receives; Riewoldt DPS Bowden predictor Pattison DPS Redeemed redictor: Rance Cotchin draft rookie Unredeemed predictor Richo Superstar Gems x4 @Ben#3 receives PayPal amount agreed upon Agreed? Cheers
  15. banana

    Completed Kookies and banana

    Kookies receives; $$$ banana receives; Trent Cotchin 2015 Captain Signature 121/200 Agreed?
  16. banana

    Completed Jiska125 and banana

    @Jiska125 receives; 2014 Brownlow Galleries: BG1, BG2, BG8, BG9, BG10, BG11, BG12, BG14, BG19, BG20, BG21, BG22, BG23, BG25, BG27, BG31, BG32, BG35, BG36, BG37, BG39, BG43, BG44, BG45, BG46, BG48, BG50 @banana receives; $$$ Agreed? Cheers
  17. banana

    For Sale banana's HONOURS 2014 and 2015

    Ask me for 2014 or 2015 Brownlow Sketches Brownlow Gallery Medal Cards Common Sets FOR SALE Paul Williams Case Card $50 Essendon Honour Roll 052/75 - $PENDING Gold Coast Honour Roll 065/75 - TRADED Brisbane Honour Roll 036/75 - $200dlvd Matt Priddis Brownlow Sig 129/200 - $200dlvd...
  18. banana

    Completed shelby and banana

    banana gets; Billings MW shelby gets; Bartel Superhero Agreed? Cheers
  19. banana

    Completed shelby and banana

    shelby gets; 2015 Teamcoach Motlop Magic Wild banana gets; Paypal Agreed?
  20. banana

    2015 Teamcoach

    2015 Teamcoach (all prices include standard delivery, add $3 for registered) FULL SETS: Captain Code - $75 Footy Flix - $50 Pals - $50 Pop Ups - $100 Elliot MW - $40 Fyfe SW - $SOLD Motlop MW - $SOLD Martin - $SOLD Treloar - $30 Gunston SW - $SOLD Vince - SOLD Billings - $30 Naitanui -...
  21. banana

    2012 Australian Rep Set

    Looking to sell this set; Let me know if you're interested. Can someone also let me know what a fair price is for this set? Cheers
  22. banana


    Need this urgently; STEVE JOHNSON NORM SMITH GOLD FIGURINE - have Hodge & Bartel to trade or will buy at a fair price. Also after all 2013 & 14 Richmond Caricatures - have multiple other teams to trade.
  23. banana

    For Sale/For Trade Wingard, Bartel, Mundy Superhero Refractors

    Have these for sale. Will trade for Martin or Riewoldt. Cheers Also have the below 2013/14 Caricatures for Sale Trade;
  24. banana


    GREEN SIGS; FFGS1 Jarod Pickett 032/40 $200 GWS FFGS2 Clem Smith 025/40 SOLD CARLTON FFGS3 Lachie Weller 033/40 $200 FREMANTLE FFGS4 Jaden McGrath 026/40 $200 BRISBANE FFGS6 Liam Duggan 032/40 $250 WEST COAST FFGS8 Billy Stretch 033/40 $200 MELBOURNE FFGS10 Nakia Cockatoo 038/40 $250...
  25. banana

    Completed geckkka9 and banana

    geckkka9 receives; Future Force 2014 Red Signatures; 7 8 9 13 23 25 banana receives; Paypal $$$ Agreed? Cheers