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  1. midnight_show

    Justin Herbert Rookie PRIZM VARIATIONS -

    I've got base, Red, white and Blue, red cracked Ice, Orange Lazer and Green. If you have silver, blue, hyper, disco, pink, purple or whatever else for sale, HIT ME UP!
  2. midnight_show

    FS - MJ Fleer Metal Al Millenium

    Four sharp corners, slight chips down the bottom in the middle which you can see in photo. Looking for $90 delivered.
  3. midnight_show

    Completed Midnight_show & Iron Clad Lou

    Midnight_show gets some sweet coin Iron Clad Lou gets Kobe All Millenium Card. Deal?
  4. midnight_show

    For Sale Kobe Metal All Millenium

    Looking for $80 inc postage OBO
  5. midnight_show

    Lillard Auto

    Looking for a nice Lillard Auto if there's any out there for sale.
  6. midnight_show

    WTB - 90’s Jordan’s low end inserts and base

    My daughter got hooked on the Last Dance and I told her I’d look around for some Jordan cards for her. Looking to buy a few so if any for sale please hit me up thanks 👌
  7. midnight_show

    Justin Herbert

    Looking for some nice Justin Herbert, nothing ridiculously expensive.
  8. midnight_show


  9. midnight_show

    Back In the Hobby

    Evening All, been thinking about getting back into things for a while so figure now is as good a time as any. Casual interest, looking for a few nice Justin Herbert and Damian Lillard cards mainly but will grab what takes my interest. Been out of it six or seven years, keen to get a collection...
  10. midnight_show

    Some 90's boxes tonight

    Just been advised by the courier that they will be delivering my parcels this afternoon. Althought in PNG, that is never a guarantee. Anyhoo, I'll be breaking. 3 x 97-98 SKYBOX METAL UNIVERSE PMG All Millenium 1:6 Future Champions 1:15 Trophy Case 1:96 Championship Galaxy 1:96...
  11. midnight_show

    Some nice MJ's from early on

    Can't remember who I bought these all off, but grabbed some when down in Aus recently. Cheers.
  12. midnight_show

    Factory Sealed Case of Upper Deck

    Yo, Looking for a factory sealed case of anything, mainly looking at 08-09 but not too picky about the year. Would prefer something like SPX, Ultimate but know there is slim to NO chance of getting anything high end. Anyways, just thought Id see if there was anythign out there, PM ME!!!
  13. midnight_show

    What does your team need to do for season 2011-2012??

    Seen as it's down to the finals series, and most of our sides have been disposed of, I just thought it'd be interesting to get a view on what everyone thinks their side needs to step and be competitive next year. Portland. As much as I admire the courage they've shown in the past couple of...
  14. midnight_show

    Completed midnight_show plays some goodoldbball

    midnight gets $110 paypal and Goodoldbball gets a secret code that unlocks the mysterious Derrick Rose Signs of the times auto from 10-11 SP Authentic. Deal??
  15. midnight_show

    Kobe game used cards x 5

    Not pictured is an SP Game Used triple GU /125 of Kobe, MJ and Lebron. Looking for $75 DLVD for the lot of them, let me know. Will also trade, but only looking to trade for Australian currency. Cheers,
  16. midnight_show

    Derrick Rose Sign of the Times 2010-11 Redemption Auto

    From 10-11 Sp Authentic. If you like, shoot me 125 earth dollars paypal and Ill forward you the code or card if you want whatever no biggie.
  17. midnight_show

    FS - Derrick Rose Sign of the Times 10-11 Redemption Auto

    From 2010-11 SP Authentic. If you likey, paypal me $125 and Ill forward you the redeem code. Cheers,
  18. midnight_show

    Busted 2 x 10-11 SP Authentic, 2 x 03-04 SP Authentic, 1 x 09-10 Upper Deck

    Well Im on Holidays in Hong Kong, and managed to stumble across a card shop. Took me back to those days after school just spending hours watching people buy and open packs. So seen as Im on holidays, and money wasnt an issue, I had a scroll through his stock and picked out the above. Also...
  19. midnight_show

    Busted 03-04 SP Game Used, 07-08 Artifacts and 07-08 Rookie Threads

    Yo, Just busted these, thought Id try my luck with some rookie year stuff form Durant and the superdraft. Kind of reminded me why I dont really collect or bust anymore. Only list the ones worth mentioning. Artifacts pulled a nice Jason Kidd patch 11/29 Moses Malone legendary...
  20. midnight_show

    Any Card shops in Hong Kong??

    Yo, Heading ove to Hong Kong on Sunday for a holiday, anyone know if there's a card shop there??
  21. midnight_show

    LF : Nice Jordan, Griffin, Durant or Rose

    Hi Gents, heading back to Aus next week, wouldnt mind picking up some nice new cards to hold on to. If any one has any of these dudes, post a picture and a price. Cheers.
  22. midnight_show

    WTB - 06-07 Exquisite Scripted Swatches

    Gents, been looking at a set collection for a while and always liked the look of this set. Only have Roy at the moment, so need the rest here. 2006 SS-AB Andrea Bargnani 25 Raptors 2006 SS-AD Adrian Dantley 25 Jazz 2006 SS-AJ Antawn Jamison 25 Wizards 2006 SS-BD Baron Davis 25 Warriors...
  23. midnight_show

    Wtb : A really nice mj

    Yo, looking for a nice MJ. Doesnt have to be a patch or auto or GU, just a freaking nice card. Pm or reply in the thread, cheers.
  24. midnight_show

    Lf - sealed case of exquisite basketball

    Long shot I know, looking for any year. If anyone has a clue where to start looking, shoot me a PM. Cheers,
  25. midnight_show

    Buying griffin and durant exquisites

    Any out there?? Base, GU, Auto or whatever.