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    The other Luka - Luka Samanic Lot

    Hi, we have the following card lot for sale. Includes a /199 RC card. $30 posted.
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    SOLD/TRADED Please help, buy My Son’s Mixed Bag

    Hi everyone, my 12 year old son has got a few extra cards he is looking to sell or trade. We have been chasing some cards and a few people selling wouldn’t split bundles so he has purchased the bundle to make sure he got the cards he wanted, but now has a heap he doesn’t particularly want...
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    For Sale 1996 signature gold

    Hi, have had this sitting there for years. No idea what this is worth. Throw me an offer. Want it gone to help fund my sons basketball card hobby.
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    SOLD/TRADED Haliburton Silver Prizm

    Hi everyone, my 12 year old son bought and opened a prizm pack over the weekend, he obtained a silver haliburton card pictured. he looked into it and has comparison sales from recent. He is looking to sell to fund his future collecting. he is asking $120 plus postage. I have advised him to...
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    Jared Goff - select 2018 - no43, 095/199 player worn

    Hi, can anyone provide advice on this card? Is my son sitting on a gold mine or just a &2 cheese burger haha any advice or offers welcome haha
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    Baseball Numbered and signature cards

    Hi everyone, I have had these sitting here, no idea about baseball. can anyone give me and my son any advice on them? Are they good haha? One is heavy and has a gold border. would anyone be interested in them? Or know their value?
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    New father and Son duo.

    Hi, joined up to look into NBA card sales/trades etc for my 12 and 10 year old boys. we are very new to this so any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated, especially if you can point us in the direction of some good deals haha. I am also trying to gather a value on some of my signed NRL...
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    12 year old - new collector - where to start

    Hi, my son has just started collecting, we have bought a few small cheap packets here and there, nothing special. we have hit up eBay but got stung heaps with postage. Lots of doubles now also. He loves everything nba, old and new, knows everything, it blows my mind how he knows all the names...
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    SOLD/TRADED Signature Gold 1996 /200 acetate cell with authenticity certificates including Andrew Johns

    Hi, I have been holding onto these since I was 8, just wondering if anyone can help with their value as looking to sell if the price is right. signature cards are in awesome condition. the national hero’s and all fired up are in ok condition. any advice on these is greatly appreciated.