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  1. Awoj21

    Something new (or old) for the Clarence Weatherspoon PC

    Hey all Haven’t posted on here for awhile. Just thought I’d share a recent pick up. Another Skybox Autographics Centurymarks. That’s 11 our if the 100 made, always looking for more and any spoons you think i might like
  2. Awoj21

    Completed unga30 and awoj21

    unga30 gets Mashburn 2000-01 Fleer Autographics 2001-02 Topps Pristine Sweat & Tears awoj21 gets PayPal
  3. Awoj21

    One (of one) for the Clarence Weatherspoon PC

    Hi everyone I don’t post a lot these days as I am only focusing on Clarence Weatherspoon cards I still need (down to 25 ish). Thought I’d share this sweet printing plate I received in the mail today. A lot rarer to find than the ones issued today! Goes.nicely with the other two I have, just 15...
  4. Awoj21

    Completed Awoj21 and Tanana

    Awoj21 gets paypal Tanana gets Mashburn 4 sports auto /800
  5. Awoj21

    Completed Awoj21 and Kenhenn

    Awoj21 gets paypal @kevhenn gets (all Jamal Mashburn) Ultimate dual patch /50 Ultimate patch /100 Topps pristine generals refractor encased Ud all star game used Bowman cityscape mash/west Topps m3 /5 Gold standard /10 National treasures /10 Timeless tributes /25 Limited spotlights /25 /99 Le...
  6. Awoj21

    For Sale Jamal Mashburn - Photos up of everything

    Hey all Just thought I’d start a new thread. I’ve sold off some of the old Mashburn PC but plenty left. Taken pictures of everything (finally!). If there is anything of Mash you need be sure to let me know and I’ll send you a pic. I have a large deal pending, once that finalizes I’ll upload pics...
  7. Awoj21

    Completed Jbabz84 and awoj21

    Awoj21 gets paypak Jbabz84 gets the following
  8. Awoj21

    1/1 Mailday

    Hi all Got some mail today and for a player collector this is right up there! So rare, so hard to find and normally buried in someone’s cupboard or in many unopened boxes. Turns out a Hockey collector in the states had it 🤷‍♂️ 1999-00 Upper Deck Gold #245 Clarence WeatherspoonSER 1 😃😃 Goes...
  9. Awoj21

    Completed lvlatt and awoj21

    Awoj21 gets paypal lvlatt gets Trae Young prizm red white blue
  10. Awoj21

    Completed awoj21 and masterblaster

    awoj21 gets paypal masterblaster gets PRizm Zeller auto Refractors of Bembry, Bird, Knight, Randle, Robertson, HArris, Holiday (Emergent), Howard, Carroll, wright and Ming
  11. Awoj21

    For Sale 2018-19 Prizm sale - $45 dlvd for what’s left

    Hey all, As the title says, all cards from 18-19 Prizm. Postage $3 for up to 4 cards, registered $8 anymore will work out postage costs. PM any interest, would do a better deal for bulk RC refractors of Sexton $sold and Trent Jr $5 Prizm Green Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (sold), Blake Griffin...
  12. Awoj21

    Completed Awoj21 and Laurent

    Awoj21 gets paypal US$ Laurent gets 98-99 UD Mashburn base 98-99 UD Mashburn encore 98-99 UD Mashburn /100 98-99 UD Mashburn f/x /125 98-99 UD Mashburn 1/1 All as shown below
  13. Awoj21

    Completed awoj21 and Tanana

    awoj21 gets paypal Tanana gets Mashburn Electric Gold
  14. Awoj21

    Clarence Weatherspoon mailday

    Hey all, Just picked up a few more spoons for the PC. Just thought I would show a few recent pick ups over the last year or two. There aren't many more Weatherspoon's I need so I haven't picked up a lot! Clarence is the only player I PC now, obviously not worth much but its a bit of fun for me...
  15. Awoj21

    Updated Clarence Weatherspoon want list.... 20 to go

    Hi all, Still trying to track down the remaining Clarence Weatherspoon's I need. Just did a quick check on Beckett (which I use to see what cards were made for spoon) and the list is down to 27 as shown below, 16 of them 1/1's! Any help would be great. Would also be interested in any duplicates...
  16. Awoj21

    Sweet one card mailday

    Won this beauty in a razz. Immaculate triple auto Durant, Kyrie and AD 25/25 😍
  17. Awoj21

    SOLD/TRADED DeAndre Ayton Prizm Silver $70 dlvd obo

    Delivered in Australia registered post. Will post overseas at buyers expense
  18. Awoj21

    Completed Awoj21 and hackadeandre

    Awoj21 gets paypal Hackadeandre gets
  19. Awoj21

    Cancelled Awoj21 and JackColeman

    Awoj21 gets Paypal JackColeman gets 20 Auskick version select cards, 19 base and Matt Crouch Gold
  20. Awoj21

    AFL all sorts, Select, Teamcoach, some legacy

    Hi all Everything shown below is available. AFL all sorts, Select, Teamcoach, Auskick, some legacy Sorry, no list, just pics. Bit of a mess, just took pics of everything, let me know what you need via PM Cheers
  21. Awoj21

    Completed Awoj21 and nicoteen84

    Awoj21 gets paypal nicoteen84 gets Mashburn LP and Cornerstone refractors
  22. Awoj21

    Completed Awoj21 and trefk13

    Awoj21 gets 1996-97 Ultra #P148 Hakeem Olajuwon/David Robinson/Robert Horry/Oliver Miller/Clarence Weatherspoon platinum Trefk13 gets PayPal
  23. Awoj21

    Select Footy Stars Brodie Grundy Platinum Brownlow Predictor BPP28 32/50

    $200 obo includes registered delivery in Australia only
  24. Awoj21


    $35 each delivered with tracking or both for $60
  25. Awoj21

    AFL Select 2017 & 2018 *BIG REDUCTIONS*

    Hey all, Selling only, no trades sorry. Postage standard $3 for 4 cards, more than that postage TBC. Registered extra Cheers 2017 MG22 Matthew Stokes Milestone $1 BF16 Josh Kennedy Best & Fairest $3 AG25 Ryan Griffen A-Graders $1 2018 Starburst Black SBB59 Jack Newnes $12 Starburst Yellow...