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  1. midnight_show

    Justin Herbert Rookie PRIZM VARIATIONS -

    I've got base, Red, white and Blue, red cracked Ice, Orange Lazer and Green. If you have silver, blue, hyper, disco, pink, purple or whatever else for sale, HIT ME UP!
  2. midnight_show

    2020 Optic Blasters (10) and Fat Packs (10)

    Yeh nice, on a roll
  3. midnight_show

    2020 Optic Blasters (10) and Fat Packs (10)

    Is Herbie for sale yet......................;)
  4. midnight_show

    Newbie here...Best to all

  5. midnight_show

    Justin Herbert

    Yeh groovy have you got pics?
  6. midnight_show

    Justin Herbert

    Bump up for today
  7. midnight_show

    Bulk Base Cards

    Got a few Mosaic and Prizm base here? I'll shoot through some photos.
  8. midnight_show

    NFL For Sale

    What is the tracking number
  9. midnight_show

    NFL For Sale

    Still nothing.
  10. midnight_show

    NFL For Sale

    Payment sent for card 10 days ago and have received no contact since payment sent?? What's the go Sports Collector?
  11. midnight_show

    2020 Optic Blasters (10) and Fat Packs (10)

    Nice Herbert man 👌
  12. midnight_show

    NFL For Sale

    Herbert here thanks!
  13. midnight_show

    Justin Herbert

    Bump up.
  14. midnight_show

    Completed sgt_pepper VS midnight_show

    Mate how do I leave Feedback for this?
  15. midnight_show

    Justin Herbert

    Anyone have Herbert Prizm out there?
  16. midnight_show

    FS - MJ Fleer Metal Al Millenium

    Four sharp corners, slight chips down the bottom in the middle which you can see in photo. Looking for $90 delivered.
  17. midnight_show

    WTB - 90’s Jordan’s low end inserts and base

    Yeh nice. Pm me a price on the lot? They all in good condition?
  18. midnight_show

    Completed Iron Clad Lou & midnight_show

    Card received,nice work!
  19. midnight_show

    Completed Midnight_show & Iron Clad Lou

    Payment received cheers will post tomorrow.
  20. midnight_show

    Completed Midnight_show & Iron Clad Lou

    Midnight_show gets some sweet coin Iron Clad Lou gets Kobe All Millenium Card. Deal?
  21. midnight_show

    For Sale Kobe Metal All Millenium

    Very good condition, corners nice and sharp, VERY minor chipping on the front at the bottom which you can barely see in the photo.