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  1. BJD

    SOLD/TRADED Neville Crow RICHMOND Heritage Signature

    $310 posted with tracking.
  2. BJD

    WANTED: National Soccer League Cards (Not 1994)

    Hey all. Looking to buy bulk NSL cards from the 90s, excluding 1994 Futera as I have that set, that aren't priced through the roof.
  3. BJD

    WTB: 80s or 90s NSL cards

    Hey everyone. On the hunt for 80s and 90s NSL cards. I am not sure if 80s ones even exist, but I threw it in there for good measure anyway. Let me know if you are selling any and how much. I have the complete 1994 Futera set, so anything other than those. Cheers!
  4. BJD

    In Progress BJD & Shaunao1983

    @Shaunao1983 receives Ugle Hagan RC and Thilthorpe RC BJD receives $ via PayPal (Paid)
  5. BJD

    In Progress BJD & drama5

    @drama5 receives Walker Copper DPS and Hollands RC BJD receives $ via PayPal (paid)
  6. BJD


    Hey everyone. These are crossposted. Brandon Walker DPS 009/170 - $25 Sam Frost Specialist - $50 ALL ROOKIE CARDS: $10 Each ALL OPTIMUM PLUS CARDS: $5 Each POSTAGE: $4 Standard / $8 Registered 💵 PAYPAL ONLY
  7. BJD

    Completed CardCraftOz & MattP72

    @MattP72 receives Carlton cards bundle as advertised, posted. - CardCraftOz receives $$PayPal
  8. BJD


    Hey all! Unfortunately tough times call for tough measures and I have to sell my collection. I would prefer this all go to a Carlton collector so I am posting this here first in the hope it ends up in the right hands. Folders are included! One is a Footy Stars 2021 zip folder and the other is...
  9. BJD

    WTB: Silvagni Sigs

    Hey everyone. On the hunt for the following: Jack Silvagni Future Force Sig Stephen Silvagni Sigs (any) If you have any, please let me know
  10. BJD

    WTB: Marcou / Daicos / Malceski cards

    Thought I'd put the word out again on the off chance someone can help. Anybody have any cards they are selling of the following players: - Alex Marcou - Peter Daicos - Nick Malceski Thank you!
  11. BJD

    SOLD/TRADED Random AFL Inserts Bundle (Footy Stars, Honours, Prestige, Dominance)

    Hey everyone. All of these cards for $100 posted! Advertised elsewhere.
  12. BJD

    SOLD/TRADED Footy Stars 2021 Fillers - 150 Cards

    Hey all. Footy Stars 2021 Fillers - 150 Cards $50 posted for the lot. Advertised elswhere.
  13. BJD

    WTT - Footy Stars 2021 Lachie Neale B&F for Carlton B&F Redemption

    I have this Footy Stars 2021 Lachie Neale B&F to trade for the Carlton B&F Redemption. If you're keen let me know :) Cheers!
  14. BJD

    2021 Meets.

    Hey all! Obviously Covid plays a part here and the uncertainty of the future with it, but are there any Melbourne meets happening soon? Even small ones?
  15. BJD

    SOLD/TRADED Pokemon Cards: Evo Doubles, Bulk and Original 90s cards.

    Selling the rest of my Pokemon cards. Mainly all Evolutions aside from the one photo with the 90s Jungle cards and Base commons. All packs seen in the photo are opened. $80 for the lot. Pick up only in South East Melbourne. First in first served.
  16. BJD

    Promotion banner

    Hey all. I tried to contact one of the admins, Graham, but it's giving me an error message every time so I have no idea if it worked. Just wondering if someone could contact me please regarding the promo banner at the top. Cheers!
  17. BJD

    Petrevski-Seton Cards

    Hey everyone! I am on the hunt for Petrevksi-Seton cards. I have every card ever released, but I am now looking to add some lower numbers to my collection and possible jumper number cards if anyone has them. Let me know if you can help. Thanks very much!
  18. BJD

    Attention Peninsula folks!

    Hey all. Just wondering where Mornington, Peninsula people in Victoria go to get their cards? I know many people buy online these days but other than one newsagency in my area, there are no places to go that stock AFL cards regularly. Any ideas?
  19. BJD

    Hello all!

    Hey everyone! I used to be on this forum many moons ago but had to make a new account because I am having issues logging into my old account. My name is Beau, I have collected AFL cards since the 90s and I also operate my own custom cards design and print business. Hope you're all well. Cheers!