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  1. RareAirShoes

    In Progress pete23nba & RareAirShoes

    Items received - excellent seller! Highly recommend!
  2. RareAirShoes

    In Progress pete23nba & RareAirShoes

    Agreed. Payment completed. Thanks!
  3. RareAirShoes

    For Sale/For Trade Randle Flawless Diamond

    sold on Magic Diamond 17/25 & West Diamond 12/25
  4. RareAirShoes

    2017 select footy stars (flier attached)

    They'll probably round the Platinums up to 350 per card Im guessing.
  5. RareAirShoes

    2017 select footy stars (flier attached)

    If the platinums are numbered, are they out of 350 or 400 or so?
  6. RareAirShoes

    For Sale Cheap, Certified Cards w/scans, 2016 Teamcoach, footy Stars

    Sold on the dangerfield please. Please send pm with paypal and dd details to fwd payment.
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    Kane Lucas delisted, draft pick signature price

    Doubt the price will drop that much, if similar buying activity continually occurs.
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    2014 AFL Future Force

    select never cease to amaze with their amazing innovation and creativity, oh and a price rise.
  9. RareAirShoes

    2014 AFL Future Force

    I tend to agree with the above, increased production, leaves collectors with a bad taste in their folders.
  10. RareAirShoes

    2014/15 A-league cards?

    straight from the league, its a completely new company that i'd never heard of.
  11. RareAirShoes

    2014/15 A-league cards?

    New licensee to be announced soon by FFA/A-League
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    Unproduced/Unsigned cards thread: Updated 14/8/14

    Agree with you on the Gasol above, never seen one before. No Gasol RC auto's ever seemed to see the light of day from UD.
  13. RareAirShoes

    13-14 AP Authentic BIGGEST MOJO OF MY LIFE

    amazing pull! great card! would love to be the owner of that!
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    nice cards!
  15. RareAirShoes

    VIC - 30th March 2014 - Williamstown

    see you there!
  16. RareAirShoes

    ACT - 6th April - Kaleen high school

    Cool! Great array of players!
  17. RareAirShoes

    Official Sneakerheads Thread

    Sure! PM me any high-end sig cards you have, and i'll prepare a list of Deadstock shoes for you.
  18. RareAirShoes

    afl micro figures sets $60 + delivery or pick up

    besides the brownlow figures, why sell them at cost? Lotta work for little return...
  19. RareAirShoes

    2014 cards

    believe it or not, no franklin cards in champions at all!
  20. RareAirShoes

    92-93 Fleer 'stamped' autograph - ZO

    auto looks fake, but a good fake though. Fleer stamp doesnt look right firstly, nor its positioning, PLUS Alonzo never signed any cards because he had an exclusive deal with classic/scoreboard along with Shaq and Jimmy Jackson at the time.
  21. RareAirShoes

    oldest Australian cricket cards

    PRobably the old judge cards from the late 1880's.
  22. RareAirShoes

    Report from the National from 41MVP

    you cant beat a trip to the national
  23. RareAirShoes

    Quality of the card stock of Prime 2013

    That's a horrible lack quality control, especially for a card of such value. disappointing.
  24. RareAirShoes

    21st July show - Williamstown VIC - Special guests: Simon Madden & Gary Foulds

    Yep, see you there guys! This Dual Sig will go nicely with last week's Provan/Summons Gladiators card.
  25. RareAirShoes

    14th July Show - Penrith NSW - Special Guests...Provan & Summons

    $10 for a signature of these legends is great! I'll a photo to have signed on the day. Might pickup some of the show cards too, cant go wrong with these!