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  1. Big Ticket

    2019-20 Immaculate Red (ROAD TO 100) 26% Complete

    Felt like chasing a full set from scratch and decided to go with the 2019-20 Panini Immaculate Red /49 Base cards because of how much I love the design. This set will get a lot less cheaper once I reach the rookie set but for now I'm having a good time hunting them all down. Desperately trying...
  2. Big Ticket

    Completed Big Ticket & Grplum

    Big Ticket gets: Ricky Rubio Immaculate Collection Red /49 Grplum gets: paypal $$ Agreed?
  3. Big Ticket

    2019-20 Panini Immaculate Red /49 Base Cards

    After the following 2019-20 Panini Immaculate Red /49 Base Cards. Have crossed out the players I own. 1 Luka Doncic - Dallas Mavericks 2 CJ McCollum - Portland Trail Blazers 3 Stephen Curry - Golden State Warriors 4 Pascal Siakam - Toronto Raptors 5 Domantas Sabonis - Indiana Pacers 6 Kendrick...
  4. Big Ticket

    Crazy break from 5 single packs

    Had some crazy luck today after buying 5 single packs. Pulled a few wildcards this year but never any gold Would have preferred Bont or Nic Nat (if anyone wants to trade;)) but beggers can't be choosers. Very happy with this pull.
  5. Big Ticket

    SOLD/TRADED Random mix of low end cards left over for trade!

    Trying to start my collection from scratch again after selling a lot of my cards about a decade ago. I have no idea the value of most of these so feel free to send some trade offers. Mainly after any Jaylen Brown, Aaron Nesmith and Jayson Tatum but open to anything if you simply need any of...
  6. Big Ticket

    LF any and all Jaylen Brown !

    Hi there, looking to buy any Jaylen Brown cards. Preferably rookies, inserts and autos but open to anything. Thanks!
  7. Big Ticket

    LF 2010-11 Panini Gold Standard A.J. Price

    Hi there, if someone could help me complete my set I'd be extremely grateful! Cards needed are below 2010-11 Panini Gold Standard Signatures /299 AJ Price #141 Auto 2010-11 Panini Gold Standard /299 AJ Price #141 Thanks
  8. Big Ticket

    Wanted: Al Horford Autos (Hawks & Celtics)

    Hey guys, looking for Atlanta and Boston Al Horford autos. Not really after anything super high end at this stage, as I'm just getting back into the game again. Thanks!
  9. Big Ticket

    Looking for all Terry Rozier

    Hey, recently found my old collection and was gonna sell them but thought I might jump back into the game instead. Looking for all Terry Rozier cards. Thanks :)
  10. Big Ticket

    Old user - Selling a few cards :)

    Hey guys, I was an old member here and recently found my old basketball card collection when cleaning out the house and thought I'd sell a few but rather than going to ebay would rather sell them to the website that got me into collecting cards. I honestly have no idea how much these last cards...
  11. Big Ticket

    Oklahoma City Thunder Autos/Base for sale including: Westbrook, Perkins and Ibaka.

    Just post your bucket in the comment section below. I am after A.J. Price or Absolute Memrobilia 10-11 (wantlist in my signature). Or I'll take anything that catches the eye, just post your bucket even if you don't have much because you never know. + PM me if you want scans :) All cards in MINT...
  12. Big Ticket

    Completed AussieLaker & Big Ticket

    Hey mate! hows this sound? You Get: $$$ I Get: Evan Turner Panini Absolute Memrobilia RPM Auto RC All good? Thanks, Jimmy.
  13. Big Ticket

    Before you enter pick a number between 1 and 25

    If you were an NBA player this is who you would be. 1. Yao Ming - Most well know player in the league 2. Shawn Bradley - ummmmm. #ENDTHELOCKOUT 3. Chris Paul - everything a point guard can be 4. Julius Erving - you put the sex in basketball 5. Adam morrison - maybe you should go...
  14. Big Ticket

    Everything R.Westbrook & D.Granger Wanted. EVERYTHING!

    Hey guys, I decided to change my mind with just collecting autos of these guys, going to start collecting everything now :D If you have any mid/high end cards I will buy/trade as its own. But if you have just the 1 base of any of these guys it will probably be a waste of money with posting and...
  15. Big Ticket

    Completed aussie26 & Big Ticket

    hey mate! aussie26 Gets: $$$$ Big Ticket Gets: Russell Westbrook GU/Auto Kendrick Perkins Gold Standars Team Logo Auto Deal mate? Thanks, Jimmy.
  16. Big Ticket

    Favorite Clutch Moment In History - With Video

    Title explains itself. Now I know a lot of you are going to post up "The Last Shot", but this one was just incredible. Houston Rockets vs San Antonio Spurs, November 9th, 2004 or should i say ... Tracy McGrady vs San Antonio Spurs. SHARE YOURS!
  17. Big Ticket

    Completed Vansan & Big Ticket

    Hey mate, this sound good with you? You get: $$$ I Get: Serge Ibaka 2010-11 Panini Gold Standard Signatures Auto All good?:thumbsup: Thanks, Jimmy.
  18. Big Ticket

    Completed Big T & Big Ticket

    Big T Gets: $$$ Big Ticket Gets: Dann Granger Autos including... 05 upper deck hardcourt signatures auto 08/09 ud premier rare remnants triple sick triple patch 39/50 Thanks, Jimmy.
  19. Big Ticket

    Completed Big Ticket & Kenny3011 Deal

    Kenny3011 Gets: $$ Big Ticket Gets: Danny Granger Court Kings Auto & Al Horford Authorization Auto Deal mate? Thanks, Jimmy.
  20. Big Ticket

    Completed Maso & Big Ticket Deal Thread

    Maso Gets: $$ Big Ticket Gets: Kendrick Perkins Auto and Panini Absolute Memrobilia Base Cards Deal mate? Thanks, Jimmy.
  21. Big Ticket

    Kendrick Perkins & Danny Granger Autos Wanted!

    Whats good guys, title explains itself and saves me from getting carpal tunnel. PM me if you have anything, looking for any autos below $20 but would be happy if you PM'ed me anyways on expensive cards. Trying to get back into the game as some of you knew i started to lose my passion and pretty...
  22. Big Ticket

    09/10 Upper Deck Game Jerseys Wanted.

    Hey guys, was wondering if any of you could help me with my set, looking for all UD Game Jerseys wanted :) here is what they look like for those who don't know. Both gold and normal versions :) Just post here what you got and I'll PM you as soon as possible!! Thanks guys! Jimmy.:v:
  23. Big Ticket

    Favorite NBA Moment of all time???

    Hey guys, not sure if somebody has made a thread and sorry if they have but I want to know, what is your favorite nba moment of all time. Heres mine. Never thought I would ever witness an NBA Championship won by the Boston Celtics in the next 10 years after watching the season before, almost...
  24. Big Ticket

    Completed Big Ticket & Arthy23 Pacers Trade

    Big Ticket Gets: Danny Granger Spectrum Auto /25 10-11 Absolute Memorabilia Arthy23 Gets: Tyler Hansbrough Timeless Treasures RC Auto Darren Collison Timeless Treasures RC Auto Deal Mate? Thanks, Jimmy.
  25. Big Ticket

    Sean Kingston Hospitalized After A Watercraft Accident

    Many of you know Sean Kingston as the singer of hit-record Beautiful Girls which reached number 1 in the charts in 2007. Sean Kingston Hospitalized After A Watercraft Accident Really sad and hope he and his friend recover soon :( Jimmy,