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  1. TK1971

    For Sale 2021 Optimum

  2. TK1971

    Completed Iron Clad Lou / TK1971

    Iron Clad Lou gets $$ into PayPal TK1971 Gets 2004 SELECT CONQUEST GAME BREAKER GUERNSEY CHRIS TARRANT #032/200 Agreed?
  3. TK1971

    For Trade Trading for 2021 Optimum 'COLLINGWOOD ONLY'

    TRADING FOR 2021 SELECT OPTIMUM ‘COLLINGWOOD ONLY’ Heritage Sig – HS9 Allen Aylett #064 Heritage Sig – HS3 Ken Fraser #098 Heritage – H12 Carl Ditterich #062 Heritage – H11 Bob Skilton #097 Brilliance – B-JC John Coleman #022 Brilliance – B-MG Max Gawn #031 PIES 2021 PRESTIGE GREEN -...
  4. TK1971

    Show your Collections

    I had my collections in books for years and have finally got the money to get them in display and love seeing them out now… Would love to see other members sacred zones
  5. TK1971

    Pendlebury Brilliance

    Chasing Pendlebury Brilliance Lmk if you have and can hopefully work out a deal. ta Tony
  6. TK1971

    In Progress will851 and TK1971

    Agreed and paid
  7. TK1971

    Completed TK1971 / Blitz5

    Blitz5 gets Supremacy NSM18 Mcleod, NSM34 Hodge, FFs27 Butler, Commons 18 Weitering, 36 Walters, 27 Hurley, 41 Selwood, 50 Jack Martin, 64 Jones, 80 Houli, 82 Rance, 84 Rioli, 94 Lloyd, 96 Parker, 103 Bontempelli and 105 Johannisen TK1971 gets PayPal Friends and Family agreed
  8. TK1971

    Completed TK1971 / smithy1423

    smithy1423 gets Robbie Gray Supremacy Common #70 TK1971 gets PayPal agreed?
  9. TK1971

    Completed TK1971 / macca

    Macca gets ZDC 40 Zaharakis ZDC 43 Fyfe ZDC 74 Gunston ZDC 120 Steele ZDC 127 Parker TK1971 gets PayPal friends family agreed
  10. TK1971


    Pm sent
  11. TK1971

    Completed TK1971 / mickpre12

    mickpre12 gets ice blue pendles Zebra Pendles Sidey and DeGoey TK1971 gets PayPal FF agreed
  12. TK1971

    Completed baggies and TK1971

    Agreed, ta mate
  13. TK1971

    Completed JoshNewman21 & TK1971

    Agreed Mate Ta
  14. TK1971

    Completed TK1971 / P-Dawg

    P-Dawg gets Bourke premiership glory Supremacy TK1971 gets PayPal ff agreed?
  15. TK1971

    Supremacy Sale

    No thanks
  16. TK1971

    Completed TK1971 / Weflyasone

    Weflyasone gets weflyasone replied to your conversation at OzCardTrader. Supremacy Finals Folklore: FF2 – Akermanis #22 FF8 – Johnson #58 FF10 – Schwarz #64 Finals Folklore Signature: FFS2 – Akermanis #55 FFS8 – Johnson #42 FFS9 – Buckenara #65 FFS7 – Scarlett #32 Premiership...
  17. TK1971

    Completed TK1971 / negrofc

    Negrofc gets Pav FFS #12 Ryan #51 FFS TK1971 gets PayPal agreed.?
  18. TK1971

    Supremacy Sale

  19. TK1971

    Completed TK1971 / Scotty_WCE

    Scotty_WCE gets Jackovich Supremacy Sig TK1971 gets PayPal agreed?
  20. TK1971

    Supremacy Sale

    just sold sorry