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    PM me if you're interested in any of these. i will do abetter deal than what i have on ebay
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    Got the collecting bug again for some strange reason. PM Me with what UFC you have available. Im interested in rookie on card autos, rookie cards and just generally the knockout and museum sets. Any PSA Stuff too.
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    For Sale UFC - Jorge Masvidal MMA Bobblehead

    selling this for 220 delivered on here. as you can see i paid $280. but i want a quick sale as i bought another one, but i bought the signed version.
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    Matildas - Signed and Unsigned + Sam Kerr Figurine - Figurine - x 15 Signed Card Lot - Sam Kerr - x 9 Signed Card Lot - x 5 Insert Card Lot
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    For Sale Victor Radley Jersey Numbered Sig. #13/90

    Hi All, i recently just purchased and was just going to keep it for the PC. but iphone broke today, so clearing out some useless stuff to help fund a new one. Its the 2019 Young Gun Sig. I paid $130, but will take $100 posted with tracking, as i just want some quick funds. Would like to sell...
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    UFC boxes in Aus?

    Anyone do UFC boxes in Aus these days?
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    In Progress Panthus and Girds

    Girds gets $$$$ Panthus receives signed matildas set sent via registered mail.
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    Matildas Signed Cards? (Tap n Play)

    Any interest in Matildas Signed cards? looking to offload mine as a lot. can provide photos if there is interest. Was just wondering what the interest was, before i moved them to ebay. I have everyone though from multiple years signed, a few sam kerrs, alannah kennedy,ellie carpernter, raso...
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    Matildas Training Session

    Got these at the training session out in penrith. putting together a PC if anyone has any others let me know. Cheers Aron
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    Matildas Signed

    Putting together matildas PC. i have a few already, let me know if you have IP's to part with or just anything Matildas in general
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    Samm Kerr Sig.

    If anyone has one of these available let me know the price cheers aron
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    Matildas Soccer Cards.

    Hi All. I coach the girls soccer team for the school that i teach at. Looking to capitalise on their recent interest and hand out some cards to the girls from their favourite players. So if you have any matildas cards for sale, please pm me thanks
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    UFC Jon Jones & Robert Whittaker, Dan Kelly !

    Awesome experience at the Sydney Fitness Expo. Met a few of the most humble blokes that you will ever come across. and i got my Whittaker Event worn jersey personalised from the uriah hall fight in Melbourne. It's the only one he's ever given to the ufc to sell. I can't wait to get this piece...
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    UFC Jon Jones.

    Looking for Jon Jones cards, got an opportunity to meet him in the coming weeks and wanted to get a few cards signed. Particularly the top of the class cards. PMLK what you have available.
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    Panini Noir Signatures

    Interested in the Club and Country signatures. Interested in most of these and keen to PC them slowly. sucker for an on card auto and there are a few of my favourites who have made the cut. pm me if you have any to move on.
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    Completed Girds and Kenny

    Girds gets $$$ Kenny gets the following in registered mail 2012 Jose Aldo Daniel Cormier Rory McDonald Tyron Woodley Demetrious Johnson Antonio Big Foot Silva 2015 Stephen WonderBoy Thomson (NOT ONCARD)
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    UFC priced to go. On Card Knockout Autos

    Have the following available. Add $5 for Registered Mail. Will discount if multiple cards are purchased 2012 Tony Ferguson $12 Jose Aldo $12 Daniel Cormier $12 Rory McDonald $12 Tyron Woodley $12 Carlos Condit $8 Demetrious Johnson $8 Michael McDonald $3 Cung Le $2 Antonio Big Foot Silva $2...
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    UFC UFC Christmas Additions

    Brought a few new things over the xmas period hard to decide which ones the favourite at the moment. I guess we will start with the small and get to the main event Had to pick one of these up #67 of 205 This next one is awesome, print of a painting done by danielle webber shes amazing. Got...
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    UFC TOPPS KNOCKOUT RED 2012 /8 AUTOS Robbie Lawler $175 Delivered Cormier $150 Delivered Jones $200 Delivered Diaz $200 Delivered. Condit $100 Delivered. McGregor 2015 Knockout AUTO $150 Registered Mail.
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    UFC KO 2012 Prices Slashed

    have the following remaining. have halved the price on all of them as i need a quick sale to pay for another item. Postage i $5 registered. Antonio Big Foot Silva $5 Carlos Condit $12 Jose Aldo $15 Daniel Cormier $15 Tony Ferguson $20 Rory MacDonald $15 Michael McDonald $3 Tyron Woodley $8 Cung...
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    Decided im going to move on the base Autos and just hunt the RUBY Autos. Can't afford to keep a serious chase going for both. If any interest you Pm Me. will put up a list of the cards available, photos and prices within the hour. Postage is Strictly $5 REGISTERED MAIL WITH TRACKING. Had a...
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    Top Loader Binders in AUS?

    Anyone aware of someone who stocks these top loader binders in AUS? or am i going to have to fork out the $90 post they have on them currently?
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    All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals

    Anyone watched this ? started episode one today, incredible viewing. I love this stuff, American sport is good at taking you in closer to the action. UFC embedded is very much the same, makes great television
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    As the title says i have this 25 Card Black Parallel set up for grabs. its a really nice looking set but the CM Punk cards annoys me to no end. PM me if you are interested.
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    Got a few cards here that i picked up in bigger transactions that i'm keen to move on. Love Stephen Thompson but i cant handle the fact that it's a sticker auto. Grinds my gears. Elkins $2 Browne $2 Benavidez $2 Thompson $12 Postage $2