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  1. popthetart

    For Trade 2010 daily telegraph set wanted

    i have packs 2 - last for 2010 unopened let me know if you want them.. i got about a 1000 haha
  2. popthetart

    22 packs 2011 Champions Yayyyyy Morrrrrrtimerrrr

    nice!! i want one badly!
  3. popthetart


    i would split the new zealand team and make 2 -3 and i like the idea of a PNG side and other states would also be pretty awesome.
  4. popthetart

    2010 Dally M

    uate was a good pick for winger of the year i think.. but anasta?? cayless should of got captain of the century :p he broke the record.
  5. popthetart

    6 Packs Of Champions

    hey mate how much you want for the ellis?
  6. popthetart

    Daniel Penese from Panthers, any good?

    he's a friend of a friend of mine lol :) ive seen him/met him at a couple of parties ive also heard that he killed it in junior grade.
  7. popthetart

    Rugby League Live for X Box and PS3

    damn why did i buy the wii version.. every eb store told me they wont release a ps3 version :( f*cking liars. ill buy it anyway shawn if you won it on ps3 i would have offered $$$$
  8. popthetart

    ben smith tp card

    his crushed! but wasnt his fault we had plenty of oppurtunities at the end.. eg. cayless shouldnt have rushed passed to hayne we had 6 more tackles! :(:( what an upset year aye mate? next year..
  9. popthetart

    Best place to keep cards.

    i dont think i explained it right.. lol sorry i keep my full set base cards in 200ct boxes and the spares are kept in order in my 5000ct boxes.. inserts/pc cards in penny sleeve + toploader + teambag top end in magnetic
  10. popthetart

    For Sale NRL Team Lots

    how much are these? are there any inserts in the lots?
  11. popthetart

    Thanks OCT!!!

    im also hooked.. thanks oct
  12. popthetart

    ben smith tp card

    was just thinking that.. yeah i think he was aye? but im not sure
  13. popthetart

    Best place to keep cards.

    it protects the toploader from getting scratched lol and so no dirt cant get into the toploader
  14. popthetart

    19 loose packs of 2010 champs

    thanks boys.. it was pretty funny was going to walk away after getting 15 packs of nothing but ended up getting 3 more
  15. popthetart

    Best place to keep cards.

    same, this is how i do it.. penny sleeve toploader and team bag for each card its the best way and magnetic for top end cards also
  16. popthetart

    Clearance sale

    ill trade you a car for a few nrl cards. no joke
  17. popthetart

    ben smith tp card

    NICE!! did you get this off ebay? i think i saw one on there with a low number.
  18. popthetart

    19 loose packs of 2010 champs

    from all those packs i got nothing but a darren lockyer diamond :):) and it was in the last 3 packs should of just bought a box :( lol
  19. popthetart

    Hayne, Horo, Smith at Parra Westfield Thurs

    i missed it! :( i got kept back at work i came at about 8pm and everyone was gone..
  20. popthetart

    Completed Jay & Popthetart

    i agree and payment made.. thanks again
  21. popthetart


    Re: 17 Card impact sig lot - cheap! are these 2010 champs?