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  1. la iph

    Buying Evan Fournier

    Hi Aussie Friends ! I'm buying Evan Fournier for my son. If you want to see his collection take a look here : Thanks at all . Regards Tiphaine
  2. la iph

    Want Evan fournier cards for my Son !

    Hi Aussie friends , Several of you know me, i know there is a long time that's i havn't been here but the life is some times crazy .... So I still searching Evan Fournier cards for my Son who has now 10 years old . It will be great that's Aussie members participate...
  3. la iph

    Puzzle LOGOS of Evan Fournier QUEST

    Hi My OCT Friends, A lot of time that's i havn't post my receptions.... very busy these last times. Most of you knows that's my Son is an huge fan of Evan Fournier and collect all he can about him. He's got a nice collection, few postcard and tee shirt............but he's most important quest...
  4. la iph

    Completed silvertapoutstar and la iph do a little deal

    For Eddie : $ in paypal gift For la iph : intrigue immortalized autographs of Dumars and Richmond. Paypal already sent. Many thanks Eddie for the deal Tiph'
  5. la iph

    Want to buy : Chris copeland and Paul Pierce plate 1/1

    Hi guys, If you have some plate of Chris copeland and Paul Pierce please send a pic and a price . Hope i could find some here, thanks in advance for your help. Tiph'
  6. la iph

    Victor Oladipo rc auto, lamarcus patch...Kawhi auto

    Hi, Got these cards for trade or sale. Stat Line patch on hold Thanks for your interest. Contact me here or by pm. Best Regards tiphaine
  7. la iph


    Heya OCT Friends, With my kids we have break few box yesterday afternoon. Here we go : 2012-13 Past And Present Retail ( mini box de 8 packs ): 2012-13 Panini Past and Present Signatures #167 Tornike Shengelia 2012-13 Panini Past and Present Rise N Shine #60 Kobe Bryant 2012-13 Panini Past and...
  8. la iph

    Nerlens Noel

    Hi, I'm searching some Nerlens Noel cards to do a surprise package for a friend so let me know what you've got ( pic and price please ) Thanks Tiphaine
  9. la iph

    Need $ in my paypal account

    Hi, I need absolutly some $ in my paypal account so i sell all these cards : /10 Here or by pm. Thanks
  10. la iph

    2012-13 Brilliance - 2013-14 Crusade - 2011-12 Gold Standard

    2012-13 Brilliance Kobe Pack :22, 36, 79, 107,135. 2012-13 Panini Brilliance Springfield #1 Bill Russell 2012-13 Panini Brilliance Springfield #19 James Worthy 2012-13 Panini Brilliance Springfield #20 Calvin Murphy 2012-13 Panini Brilliance Magic Numbers #12 LeBron James 2012-13 Panini...
  11. la iph

    Victor Oladipo RC auto

    Hi my OCT Friends, Got this little beauty for trade or sale : 2013-14 Titanium Draft Day Autographs #4 Victor Oladipo $100.00 Searching David West high end, Chris Paul ( patch on card auto ) hornets ( patch, 1/1 since the collection 2009-10 ) or high end of Evan Fournier . Thanks at all...
  12. la iph

    David West high end

    Hi, I'm searching new cards for my David West PC . I'm interested particulary by the high end . I take the cards from the 2009-10 collections ( not Before ) . Show me what you've got please . Thanks 'Tiphaine.
  13. la iph

    Mailday of the frenchy mama

    Heya my friends , Proud to share with you my latest additions, sorry for the bad quality of the pics my computer is out. Thanks to all the people who will recognize their cards for their great helps / gifts / kindness . /500 /77 /99 /49 /25 /22 /5 /1 ( love so much...
  14. la iph

    Evan Fournier

    Heya my friends, Looking to add some new cards for my Son PC ! He is a nice boy of 8 years with have plenty of stars in his eyes when he get à new card of his player ( Evan Fournier ) so let me know what you've got please . Thanks Tiphaine
  15. la iph

    Completed SharpysSports and la iph do a deal

    For Brendan : $ in AUD paiement in paypal good For the friend of la iph : the 2012-13 Crusade Gold of Anfernee Hardaway /10 Card will be sent in a magnetic holder and in registred shipping for France . Sounds good mate ? Thanks at you for the deal and wish you the best in your Life ;)
  16. la iph

    2010-11 Gold standard Chris Paul

    Hello my OCT Friends, I'm searching two cards of Chris Paul in the 2010-11 gold standard collection : - Gold Bars Materials Prime #13 Chris Paul /25 - Platinum Gold #100 Chris Paul /25 Hope you could help please. If you see them on ebay or other forums please contact me !!!!!! Thanks...
  17. la iph

    Nice additions for my PC, a pleasure to share with you

    Hello My OCT Friends, My best wishes for this new year for all and your families ! Wish you first health because without this hard to do the rest and after all the good things that's this wonderful earth could give :kick:. Now talk about cards ! You know i'm an huge fan of the Hornets /...
  18. la iph

    It's good to be here

    Heya all my OCT Friends !!! Back and stronger ! I'm happy to show you the last cards i enter in my PC sorry to have take this long time off but i was a little sick but now i'm again in the road :kick: So here we go : /499 /349 /299 /100 /99 /49 /25 /25 /5 /199 /99...
  19. la iph

    Want to buy the gold métal card of Kevin Garnett for a friend

    Heya best community of the world, I need your help, i want to buy the gold métal card of Kevin garnett with and only with the film protector under . 2012-13 Panini Gold Standard Métal #54 Kevin Garnett Post here or by pm your proposition price delivred. Thanks and hope someone could help...
  20. la iph

    Completed stp420 and la iph do a friendly deal

    For Steve : $ by paypal gift For la iph : Flawless gold patch of David West + some bonus. Paypal already sent. It is good like that Steve ???? Huge thanks. ;) tiphaine
  21. la iph

    Completed Postgls and la iph do a trade

    For Garth : 2012-13 Brilliance Brilliants auto of Magic Johnson /199 For la iph : 2012-13 National Treasures patch auto of Evan Fournier /99 Huge thanks for the trade, my son will have plenty of stars in his kid eyes when he will get the card. I will post tomorrow. ;) Tiphaine
  22. la iph

    Completed Angelo and Tiphaine do a little deal

    For Angelo : $ in paypal gift For la iph : CP3 and Noah patches Paypal already sent ! Thanks at you Angelo for this pleasant deal . ;) Tiphaine
  23. la iph

    Somethings différent but very cool

    Heya my friends !!!! Yesterday was a special day for me : it was my birthday and my family has prepare a very nice birthday party for me :kick: Huge thanks to them, they are so awesome and lovely with me. The dinner was excellent and when the cake come : wow !!! Looks : The plaque is...
  24. la iph

    Back after some beautiful and pleasant holidays with some cards to share with you

    Heya My Friends, Oh a long long time that's i havn't share with you my receptions ( the summer holidays and just the back to school of kids made me very busy ) but now i take some times to be with you and to show you some of the nice cards i received : Base & Inserts : /349 /349...
  25. la iph

    Urgently 5 base cards from 2010-11 panini season update

    Heya my friend, For completed a base SET i need only these 5 base cards : 2010-11 panini season update : #14 amare stoudemire #19 Toney douglas #42 Daniel gibson #107 Kevin Martin #122 dejuan blair Hope you could help me Huge thanks in advance Tiphaine