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  1. Avonc

    Elite Warriors

    Three weeks, Sydney to CHCH. Not bad in these times. Wish I had checked Jack's sig better though.
  2. Avonc

    In Progress tak35bne and avonc

    avonc will pay cash via paypal to tak35bne for Warriors Milestone and Game Changer RTS card.
  3. Avonc

    In Progress Avonc and The_Funporium

    Avon will pay cash via PayPal for asst Warriors Elite mojo and signature cards from The_Funporium
  4. Avonc

    Tap n Play CPL Set

    Hi , Was going to post this with the cards I got but they haven't turned up before I head back to NZ. But Dave at dave and jazzy has split up a set to sell me the NZ player cards, so if anyone is after any other cards from that set (not sure how many Australians in the set) drop him a line...
  5. Avonc

    TLA Redemptions

    Got these just in time before I return to NZ on Thursday. May even see RTS at the airport :)
  6. Avonc

    What A Pick Up

    After up to 2 years of purchases from GCTC finally managed to cross the Tasman and pick them up. Will be nice to get them home and fill gaps in my albums.
  7. Avonc

    TLA Redemptions

    Just an update on TLA redemptions. I have a bunch I sent ten days ago. Have been in contact with TLA and followed tracking from Auspost. The Post Box was cleared this morning and redemptions will be processed and sent out in the next few days. So things are still moving, but a bit slower.
  8. Avonc

    Completed avonc and Honeypot

    Honeypot will pay cash and trade a Warriors Startoon for a Panthers Predictor card from avonc
  9. Avonc

    In Progress avonc and bendingbender

    bendingbender will pay cash via paypal to avonc for 26 tennis autos and swatch cards.
  10. Avonc

    SOLD/TRADED Panthers Premiership Predictor

    Traders 2021 PP11 Panthers Premiership Predictor card 203/230 $90 Post $3 std, or $7 Reg.
  11. Avonc

    SOLD/TRADED Tennis Autos & Swatch Cards (26)

    For sale $70 for the lot including Standard Post (reg extra) or trade for NRL cards. Profile states I'm in NZ, but over on the Gold Clast at present . Swatch Cards Netpro 2003 3B L Hewitt 492/500 9B JC Ferrero 44/500 Ace Authentic 2005 9 G Coria 197/500 57 S Asagoe 342/500 Ace Authentic JC8...
  12. Avonc

    Price on A Panthers Predictor ?

    Hi , I have a 2021 Panthers Predictor card I want to put up here and before I do could I get a Price estimate from some of you guys who know more about this than me. Thanks Cam.
  13. Avonc


    World Test Championship winners - Black Caps. What a match, what a final day. 👏
  14. Avonc

    Anything on The Gold Coast

    Heading over to the Gold Coast in July. Any shops or market stalls these days ?
  15. Avonc

    Last Of The Mojo's

    Finally I have my last mojo set to complete my Warriors Mojo Collection. Still to pick up a number on hold from Glenn at GCTC next month when I'm over in Australia. So for a few weeks it will be complete, not sure if I'll be ever able to say that again. Thanks Cam.
  16. Avonc

    Completed Joeyhonson and avonc

    Avonc will pay cash via PayPal to Joeyhonson for Three Warriors inserts.
  17. Avonc

    TLA Redemptions

    Hi All, I'm in NZ and planning a holiday on The Gold Coast in June/July. I have a bunch of cards to redeem and was wondering what sort of turn round time they have ? Thanks Cam.
  18. Avonc

    Completed Leaguehub and avonc

    Avonc will pay cash for asst 2021 Traders Warriors inserts From leaguehub.
  19. Avonc

    Completed DaveK and avonc

    DaveK will trade asst NZ cricket cards for Card Crazy Centurions x2 from avonc
  20. Avonc

    You Know The Deal...

    Save up over summer so when Traders come out you're in to it. Well I'm now in debt to my wife over this sweet set of Black Diamond Warriors 2019 #2. Not often the BD change hands so had to move quick.
  21. Avonc

    Completed avonc and Brendan_B

    avonc will pay cash via paypal for a Warriors YGP card from Brendan_B
  22. Avonc

    Completed avonc and Leaguehub

    Avonc will pay cash for a Warriors Show Card from Leaguehub.
  23. Avonc

    Completed Avonc and DaveK

    DaveK will pay cash via PayPal for asst Card Crazy cricket inserts from avonc.
  24. Avonc

    Mojo Madness

    This deal come out of the blue. Very happy with pick up, so glad I had $$$ in my Trading Card account :)
  25. Avonc

    CHT Spotlight

    Long wait to get my hands on one of these. Next on hunt Blair Team Colours Auto.