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  1. MikeK

    In Progress MikeK and m_lawrence_79

    MikeK sends 9 x 1982 Dandy stickers. m_lawrence_79 sends PayPal $$ Mike agrees
  2. MikeK

    In Progress MikeK and James422

    MikeK sends 2021 Elite Ruby 092 Panthers Cleary #07 James422 sends PayPal $$$ Mike agrees
  3. MikeK

    In Progress MikeK and Darren08

    MikeK sends 2021 Elite Eels Ruby 088 Eels Mahoney #32, 089 Eels Moses #20, YG19 and 4 x Silver parallel. Darren08 sends 2021 Elite Emerald Mojo Foran #10 Mike agrees
  4. MikeK

    Fake Scanlens Wrappers

    I was cruising eBay and was really dismayed to come across these listings out of the US (among many, many, others available): They'd be fairly easy to tell from an original (if you've held one) but one thing...
  5. MikeK

    In Progress MikeK and Hayden Higgs

    MikeK sends 2016E YG Munster #062 Hayden Higgs sends PayPal $$ Mike agrees
  6. MikeK

    small 2021 Elite box break

    Very strange - only one other 2021 Elite break thread??!! I finally caught up with 4 random boxes (no Priority) that arrived while I was away (again). Fairly happy with the results but generally disappointed with the overall card quality. VERY dull (again), EXCEPT the Captain cards, they look...
  7. MikeK

    Cancelled MikeK and rach2909

    MikeK sends PayPal$$$ rach2909 sends 2020Elite LST Wighton #03 via Reg Post Mike agrees
  8. MikeK

    Warning to others about member "warriorcollecter"

    Over a month ago I arranged a trade with this guy. See trade thread: He was sent the following cards: In a well packed padded envelope: If anybody has received a package from me you know they do not "fall apart"...
  9. MikeK

    Searching on eBay

    Anyone else notice that searching for NRL cards on eBay has changed in the last day or so? From what I can figure, the category where most NRL cards are listed "Rugby League (NRL) Trading Cards" is still present but no longer specifically searchable. If you try searching within that category...
  10. MikeK

    Completed MikeK and RabbitohsFanBoi05

    MikeK sends: 2020 Magic Round#36 Cameron Murray 2020 Startoon#13 Cody Walker 2020 Pink Startoon#13 Cody Walker 2018 Blue Startoon#13 Adam Reynolds 2016 POTP 30,32,52,56 2015 STR#8 Sam Burgess 2015 POTP#12 Adam Reynolds 2015 T&L#23 George Burgess 2015 Black Parallel#108 Dylan Walker...
  11. MikeK

    Completed MikeK and Harrison

    MikeK sends PayPal $$ Harrison sends 2021 Traders ASW 6 Sironen Black #14 Mike agrees
  12. MikeK

    Completed MikeK and 711kiwi

    2021 Traders MikeK sends Priority Bulldogs #13 Wild Card Team and CH Foran 711kiwi sends Priority Bulldogs #14 Wild Card Team + PP $$ Reg post both ways. Mike agrees
  13. MikeK

    In Progress MikeK and warriorcollecter

    2021 Traders. MikeK sends: Street art black: 13 Street art white: 2,10 warriorcollecter sends: Street Art White: 3 Club Heroes: 20 Pearl Special: 108, 127 Season to Remember; 14, 27 straight trade, regular post. Mike agrees
  14. MikeK

    Jessica Sergis Dally M Priority

    As the title suggests, if you have one let me know what you're asking for it. Not worries about numbers. Regards Mike
  15. MikeK

    2020 Elite mailday

    Got home the other day to my second last big 2020 Elite mailday from Members here, eBay, breaks and a couple of boxes before prices went insane. Waiting for the final Manly card to arrive to complete my Sea Eagles team set (except the 1of1 of course). The final big mailday for this release...
  16. MikeK

    Completed MikeK and pingkarrot

    2020 Elite Eels Sapphire Matterson numbers trade. MikeK sends #13 pingkarrot sends #02 and postage$$ Mike agrees
  17. MikeK

    Completed MikeK and Royster

    MikeK sends 2020 Elite ME030 #06/10 Reg Post Royster sends PayPal $$ Mike agrees
  18. MikeK

    Completed MikeK and Murphy46

    Straight 2020 Elite Sapphire Mojo trade: MikeK sends Horsburgh, Murphy46 sends Turbo, Reg both ways Mike agrees
  19. MikeK

    Any Wests-Tigers collectors interested in a lot of Traders Inserts?

    As the thread suggests, is there a Wests-Tigers collector interested in a lot of a bit over 100 various ESP/TLA Traders Inserts from 2013 to 2018 for $40 delivered? Mainly Parallels (Pearl/Silver), with some Parallel Specials (Black Parallels), Faces of the Game, Season to Remember, Milestone...
  20. MikeK

    Completed MikeK and MJD

    MikeK sends: 2019 Elite Issah Yeo LS 11 Yeo, Club Captain - James Tamou 2018 Elite sharp shooter: Maloney 2018 Elite master and apprentice: Maloney 2018 Club Hero Regan Campbell Gillard 2008 Past Hero - Royce Simmons 2004 Authentic: 106 2005 Tradition: team set 2005 Power: team set - incomplete...
  21. MikeK

    In Progress MikeK and Angry

    Angry sends Ruby Thompson and Taufua + $$ MikeK sends Ruby Radley and Sapphire Roosters Logo Mike agrees
  22. MikeK

    Completed MikeK and Knights

    2020 Elite Trade: Knights sends Sapphire Jake Trbojevic #19 & Sapphire Danny Levi #20 MikeK sends Ponga Sapphire #19 and and Ponga Ruby #23 + PayPal FF $$ Reg Post both ways. Mike agrees
  23. MikeK

    Completed MikeK and bar4kids

    Mike sends: 2020 Traders: Startoons Pink (STP): 18, Startoons Yellow (STY): 17 Harris #094 2019 Traders: Last Line of Defence (LD): 25 2018 GLORY Charter Class Chrome (CCC) serial numbers >100: 10,27,39,53,97 Pioneer Sketch (PS): 2, 7, 22, 24, 25, 30, 31 HOF Immortals Sketch (IMSK): 10 Burge...
  24. MikeK

    Completed MikeK and Lee_85

    MikeK sends Scanlens 1986 NSWRL set as per PM pics, tracked Lee_85 sends $$$ Mike agrees
  25. MikeK

    In Progress MikeK and Tigersalmon

    MikeK sends 2012LE Benji Sig + 2008 Centenary Master Set A4 team photo Tigersalmon sends 2012 LLG Lyon/King + 2019T AS6 Thompson +- 2008 Premiership set team photo Reg Post both ways. Mike agrees.