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  1. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED Zion hoops base & Variation

    Zion hoops premium stock base and variation $60 delivered.
  2. Glennmc

    For Sale Anyone interested in these? Pics and some prices added

    Price of Kobe ex-2000 Rc? & UD ultimate signature?
  3. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED KD Preferred auto /50

    Kevin Durant preferred auto /50 $150 delivered
  4. Glennmc

    For Sale Bruno Fernando prizm white sparkle 1/1 auto

    Bruno 1/1 Rookie white sparkle $375 OBO delivered express
  5. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED Bruno Fernando pc

    Selling my Bruno Fernando pc $550 Delivered Express OBO
  6. Glennmc

    For Sale Jarrett Culver Prizm Mojo /25 auto

    Culver prizm Mojo Auto /25 $400 OBO delivered express
  7. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED Nikola Jokic NT RC auto /99

    Nikola Jokic true rookie auto/99 National treasures. Last sales psa9 $1800 Here is the Ebay link Start at 99c auction, let it roll. Bid up guys and gals...
  8. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED Nikola Jokic NT RC auto plus more

    Jokic on EBay now ends tomorrow.
  9. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED Nikola Jokic NT RC auto plus more

    All prices include standard delivery. Kevin Knox rc auto /25 $50 Buddy hield /15 $50 RJ Barrett rc /15 $150 De’Aaron Fox patch/auto /40 $60 Jokic RC Auto $1800
  10. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED please delete

    Hey mate price on Luka immaculate redemption?
  11. Glennmc

    For Sale Jokic auto plus more

    JJ barea auto $25
  12. Glennmc

    For Trade Looking to trade up

    Value on Kobe/Lebron intriguing pairs & porzingis silo??
  13. Glennmc

    SOLD/TRADED Sold please delete

    Have this Kobe available, jersey numbered 24/25 BGS 9.5. $225 delivered express.
  14. Glennmc


    JJJ auto added 5/9
  15. Glennmc


    Price reduced today 31/8
  16. Glennmc


    Jaren Jackson Jr auto /10 $80 delivered
  17. Glennmc

    For Sale Few cards for sale

    New cards added today 26/8