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    Completed GoMoto and robinsonfan50

    agreed! thanks
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    Looking for Luka Samanic

    $100 / open to trades red wave version
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    For Sale Immaculate soccer

    Just updated the first post to include all available.
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    LF Terence Davis RC

    Was collecting him. Not anymore
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    2021 Regal Anzac

    2021 Regal Anzac series 2 cards Add $8 for registered post (weight dependant) Offers welcomed but sold trumps Will look at Supremacy cards on offer Didak silver auto patch 40/40 $300 Fletcher silver auto patch 04/40 $300 Didak / Fletcher silver dual patch 16/25 $200
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    For Sale 20 21 prizm / contenders sale

    No prizm but have a donruss base rc
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    In Progress tekk3113 / Gomoto

    @tekk3113 gets 4 x boxes of 2020 21 topps best of the best cards. GoMoto gets funds
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    For Sale 20 21 prizm / contenders sale

    Add $4/$8 for postage Cross posted Offers welcomed but sold trumps $15 each Small surface imperfection on Tre Silver rc $5 each $1 each $2 each
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    Completed Sash3350 / GoMoto

    Payment received. FB left
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    Doctor Who

    Just tagged you in the trade tread. can you make payment via paypal as FF to: or add 3% to cover fees I will need your postal details.
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    Completed Sash3350 / GoMoto

    @Sash3350 gets: Topps Doctor Who patch cards 12th doctor and tegan jovanka GoMoto gets: paypal Agreed?
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    Doctor Who

    hi, yes, its available. $15 delivered.
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    For Sale 2020 21 topps best of the best boxes

    $55 per box + post 24 packs per box Look for autograph cards
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    For Sale New auto jersey lot

    Add $4/8 for postage (weight dependant) Payment via PayPal as ff or cover fees $5 per card $10 per card $15 per card Absolute Ramsey auto $40 Vince Carter/ Harris spx jersey $6 Lebron select swatch /149 $195 Carmelo Green finest patch /29 $150 Kelly Orbur Jr TOTT RC /25 $30 JENNY MacCarty...
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    Scotty_WCE's 2021 Prestige, Teamcoach & Footy Stars

    Blue Parallel: 17 Cam Rayner (Brisbane) 067/125 $20 sold
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    Completed Brian & GoMoto

    Agreed. Thanks