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  1. zephyr_213

    ShipMyCards - USA Address and Shipping Service

    thanks guys that makes more sense now to me.
  2. zephyr_213

    ShipMyCards - USA Address and Shipping Service

    Does anyone know if it is better to ship purchases in USA to the Arizona address, or the Oregon address? What'd the difference? Is one better than the other when it comes to shipping to Australia>?
  3. zephyr_213

    2021 Olympics Thread - spoilers

    I have to say, this is an emotional time for me. Growing up and watching the Boomers fall short time and time again, we finally got over the hump. So proud!
  4. zephyr_213

    2021 Olympics Thread - spoilers

    man how did we end up on this side of the draw lol
  5. zephyr_213

    2021 Olympics Thread - spoilers

    never thought I would see the day we beat team USA! Who needs bricklayer Ben Simmons...
  6. zephyr_213

    Show something off

    What I find more inspiring is that these guys have kept their cards and not sold for massive profits, esp in this recent boom. True collectors.
  7. zephyr_213

    PSA and issues with card sticking - do they need new cases or sleeves?

    I have had this same issue with PSA slabs before. Very frustrating. What ticks me off even more with PSa is when they send me a brand new slab and the card inside is crooked/tilted. I prefer to use BGS as I know they have the inner protective sleeve and their slabs are sturdier imo. Maybe Nat...
  8. zephyr_213

    where to from here??

    the hobby has been flooded with these "new investors" looking to make a quick buck. I will also be steering well clear until this blows over. A million dollars for MJs (not even true rookie card lol)
  9. zephyr_213

    Interesting player movements after NBA trades start 2020

    This is huge! I wonder whats going on with Kyrie though???
  10. zephyr_213

    PSA Parent Co. bought out for $930m

    I have nothing against Nat turner, I mean the guy spent $400K on a green PMG Jordan! But there is a conflict of interest here. Just think, a grading company got sold to an investment group led by a millionaire card collector. Imagine Crown Casino being sold to a group of it's high rollers...
  11. zephyr_213

    PSA Parent Co. bought out for $930m

    Good luck to Nat Turner and his circle of collectors/investors. I will be sticking to Beckett for the few cards that I do decide to grade in my collection.
  12. zephyr_213

    Nba top shot

    i have heard about it, my brother has jumped on it however I am a bit sceptical to be honest. or maybe i'm just old skool
  13. zephyr_213

    Show something off

    I like revolution too its a very under rated set imo, prizm isn't the be all and end all!
  14. zephyr_213

    Has collecting cardboard gotten out of control? Are we to addicted to the hobby?

    Still addicted here too. Also do not bust as much as I used to due to crazy prices and crazy times.
  15. zephyr_213

    Quitting the hobby

    I remember people going nuts over Bol Bol RPAs after he had a good practice match
  16. zephyr_213

    Giannis, AD card grading.

    nice lot. Check out cherry collectables that grade with Beckett.
  17. zephyr_213

    Luka Doncic Exquisite RC Auto received back in worst condition than it was sent

    This sucks to hear, and is the reason I avoid grading unless its a super rare card like this one. All the best bro.
  18. zephyr_213

    BGS Grading

    I have used cherry for grading many times and have been very happy with them. Excellent packaging and communication, but not the cheapest.
  19. zephyr_213

    Finishing the 2019-20 NBA season ----- **SPOILERS**

    I just filed a missing person report for Lebron James 4th quarter showing today. Him and AD need to step it up.
  20. zephyr_213

    Help contacting a Member-Hector from Adelaide

    No idea, man. I contacted him a couple months ago but never got a response.
  21. zephyr_213

    Any Jordan RC experts around?

    I agree it is a beautiful and much rarer card than the 86 Fleer.
  22. zephyr_213

    Any Jordan RC experts around?

    Jordans star rookie is one of the hobby's most counterfeited cards, to the point where the major grading companies refuse to grade them now. If it is real it's worth a couple of grand raw in average condition.
  23. zephyr_213

    BGS Grading

    I am still waiting on cards from the start of the year
  24. zephyr_213

    Finishing the 2019-20 NBA season ----- **SPOILERS**

    Lakers do not look impressive at all...