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    Collectables insurance

    Can people recommend insurance companies that will insure collectables in Australia. cheers
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    3 cases of GoT Iron Anniversary

    Picked up my 3 cases from Blowout. They've been sitting at the post office for 4 days, as i still had shifts left on my roster at the mine. Was worth the wait😁 Case 1 Box 1 3D Dectation T1 #6 Daenerys bronze #52/199 Eugene Simon blue Roger Aston Griffiths "House Tyrell" 75-100 Box 2 #21...
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    For Sale/For Trade 20/21 updated trade/sell list

    All for sale , but will trade for shirt numbered cards My lower end insert needs are down the bottom. I'm not trading anything that's serial numbered for lower end inserts. I have 100's of parallels to trade as well. Postage is $5. If your total is over $100, postage is free. PayPal family...
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    SOLD/TRADED 20/21 TLA sale/trade list, with some other autos

    First pic of 6 Ruby's is not for sale. I'll only trade them for shirt numbers of the same card. Ellyse Perry Sixers #30/40 (trading for #08/40. Will add $30 to trade) Heather Graham Scorchers #01/40 (straight swap for #11/40 Ash Gardner Sixers #01/40 (straight swap for #06/40) Nicola Carey...
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    SOLD/TRADED New 20/21 TLA cricket sales list

    New sales list with current pics Parallel Sets $65 Women's T20 set $75 Top 10 set of 30 $30 Club Hero set of 16 $25 Street Art White set of 18 $25 Premiers set of 15 with redemption $30 Startoons set of 9 $10 Base sets $15 Green Signatures $23 each Mitchell Starc $30 Alyssa Healey Aaron...
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    Updated 20/21 cricket sales page

    Updated list. Pics at bottom of page. Legends signatures Mitchell Johnson 145/150 $290 Case cards Peter Siddle Retirement #28/50 $80 Authentic Signatures Ashton Turner #131/133 $90 SOLD Elyse Villani #127/133 SOLD & #102/133 $80 SOLD Aaron Finch #069/133 SOLD & #107/133 $100 SOLD Young...
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    Lf 20/21 ruby cards.

    Chasing specific serial numbers. Pat Cummins #30 Josh Hazelwood #38 Marnus Laduschagne #33 Aaron Finch #5 Nicola Carey #16 Rachael Haynes #7 or #15 Meg Lanning #7 or #17 Ellyse Perry #8 Heather Graham #11 Ash Gardner #6 Please pm me with the cards you have and the serial numbers of the cards...
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    SOLD/TRADED 2 cases of 20/21 Traders

    moved to an updated thread
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    Lf Tom Trbojevic league sensations signatures

    Lmk what you have and what you want for them.
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    Heaps of non sport sets and inserts for sale. CZX super heroes, game of thrones, Big Bang etc

    Big cleanup and sorted some sets. Will also look at lists for trade. I only collect signatures, relics or low numbered parallel non sport stuff of the pretty women. If you buy over $60 worth, I'll pay for shipping. Under will be exact costs. Sealed boxes Upper Deck Survivor 60 card starter...
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    For Sale/For Trade Heap of inserts and some sigs and Tazo's for trade. Lf Trbojevics

    Had a big clean up and found all of the following. Just looking for Tom & Jake Trbojevic and Steve Menzies signatures or numbered/lower print stuff. Open to selling later, if I can't trade for needs or for great offers. Milford 021/105 Gallen 102/130 Graham 90/90 Sironen 32/40 Also have these...
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    Game of Thrones Valyrian Steel base set. 100 cards

    Complete metal set of 100 cards. Cards are made of metal and are very cool... and heavy. Very hard to build this set. Cases are around US$7000, so it's unlikely much more will ever get broken. $550 and pay with PayPal gift. I'm cleaning up and sorting all my GoT cards, so if there are any base...
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    For Sale Team sets

    Not sure how much interest there would be for this, so we'll Suss it out. I've just been back to my olds place and picked up boxes and boxes of older football stuff. None is of great value and I was just going to chuck a lot of it, but maybe team or even set collectors might want some. Most are...
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    For Trade Campbell Graham Rabbitohs young gun #90/90

    Looking to trade this and PayPal/cash for a Jake Trbojevic spot light booklet signature.
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    Lf any numbered Tom Trbojevic cards

    Especially after last years jersey/signature card. Lmk what you have. Maybe interested in other numbered manly cards, especially Brett Stewart, Jamie Lyon, steve Menzies. Any of the manly greats really
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    Anyone still using Huddle?

    Hey guys, if anyone is still using huddle, I'm after a small favour. I've got more than one set of an insert set, so was hoping some kind people might help me out to get the other awards. I can help you out with some cards of your team/player for helping me. Cheers, Ed
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    Anyone still using Huddle?

    Hey guys, if anyone is still using huddle, I'm after a small favour. I've got more than one set of an insert set, so was hoping some kind people might help me out to get the other awards. I can help you out with some cards of your team/player for helping me. Cheers, Ed
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    Wanting some Ellyse Perry, Katie Mack and Danielle Wyatt cards

    Was hoping someone could put a lot together for me. I haven't purchased any cricket for the last 2 years, so basically need them all. I do have a couple of Ellyse autos, so not chasing those. Would like to get any regional issues and I'm not even sure if Danielle Wyatt has any cards in...
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    New PC started

    These have just been building in my COMC for 12 months. I get caught with my Browns pc's all the time, but he looks like he has the potential to be a Cooks, Antonio Brown, or Steve Smith type of player. Pair him with Gordon and the first pick in next years draft chucking bombs, and we might...
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    Case of GOT Valyrian steel

    Was hoping for a couple more of the Daenerys costumes, but I really cant complain about my case. probably the best case of anything ive ever broke. I think there was only one box withno big hits. Only ended up with 6 dupe autos in 20 boxes.
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    For Sale/For Trade 3 World Cup heroes parallels + Gallen sig

    Slater, Gallen and papalii World Cup parallels /80 and the Gallen league sensations signature #102/130. Looking to trade for Steve Menzies, tom trbojevic or Jake trbojevic 2013 future star signature. Will sell for decent offers
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    Game of thrones 6

    Opened some GOT 6. Pulled a couple of sketches. Have most of the inserts and about 10 autos to get rid of. Managed to get a double of Lena Headey, but the rest are just minor male characters. If there is any interest, pm me. I need golds from most series, so I'm happy to trade for them. Sketches...
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    Mags and old cards

    Hey guys and gals, I'm currently down in NSW (narrabri) visiting family and friends. I've been going through some things and found heaps of old Beckett's, pro football previews, sports mags etc, and thousands of old cards. Most of the cards are pretty worthless 90's stuff, but all are mint...
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    Mitchell Starc signature patch

    I'm after a multi colored patch, with a nice clean signature. Number doesn't matter, although I'll take his jersey number if someone wants to sell it. Please send a photo of the card and how much you want for it